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16 B.U.H. (Swe) Vad Har Vi Gjort För Fel?; demo (1987)


16BUH cover

16BUH tracks (Vad Hvar Vi Gjort För Fel)

(Listen: side A & side B)

Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson (guitar; also used to Fetvadd zine and started a label with the same name), Jimmy Karlsson (bass), Frank Bergsten (drums) & Magnus Grehn (vocals) formed ’16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna’ (“blowers without brain”), a melodic HC/punk band from Tranås. They did a show in Mol (Belgium) in 1988 but I didn’t get to see them there. Can’t remember if they sent me the tape (Vad Har Vi Gjort För Fel? – What Have We Done wrong?) to arrange concerts. ‘Löken’ was also in the band ‘Rövsvett’ (with Frank)…


I really liked to play in this band, I did play guitar, more my kind of stuff. I played bass in ‘Rövsvett’, there I was able to get rid of some energy but in ’16 B.U.H.’ melodic hardcore was our main thing. This was our second tape, the first got out in 1986. We have 5-6 unreleased songs that we never recorded; I still know the songs, it’s real good stuff. Also our last demo from 92/93 was on some compilations: worthy to put on a 7″… We have stuff for 2 more CDs but nothing´s planned to be released. We had all stuff on vinyl, tapes and compilations; we better leave like that.

Mikael Karlsson

16 BUH bookletcover (-)16 BUH booklet (a)16 BUH booklet (b)16 BUH booklet (c)16 BUH booklet (d)16 BUH booklet back (-)

Turun Tauti (Fin) Lokki; tape (1989)


Turun Tauti - Lokki

(Listen: side A & side B)

Track-list A: 1. Lokki (Seagull) / 2. Jotenkin Keisari (Somehow Emperor) / 3. Joskus… (Sometimes…) / 4. Klovnin Sydän (Clown’s Heart)

Track-list B: 1. Nälkä (Hunger) / 2. Ase Ei Ole Ase (A Weapon Is Not A Weapon) / 3. Ensi Rakkaus (First Love) / 4. Kääritty Muoviin (Wrapped In Plastic)

Prior to touring outside of their own country for the 1st time, ‘Turun Tauti’s Jace sent me a tape with the tracks of their mini-album (self-titled but referred to by the title of the first track). They ended up playing for our Smurfpunx collective 90-09-02. The line-up on these recordings was: Jari ‘Jarza’ Heimola (vocals), Arto ‘Luigi’ Toikkanen (guitar), Janne ‘Jace’ Ollikainen (bass) and Tom(i) ‘Tomppa’ Arpiainen (drums). They came from (former capital) Turku and definitely didn’t play the ‘typical Dis-style’ that Fin-punx are mostly known for but melodic (still energetic) stuff… From the review in Tilt! #6: >>Powerful uptempo HC with varied structures, original riffs and quite some melody. Thoughtful Finnish lyrics.<<

Some explanation in English about the Finnish lyrics:

Turun Tauti (engl)

Turun Tauti (logo)

Blatant Yobs (Hol) Bitchin’ And Slammin’; demo (1987)


Blatant Yobs


Track-list: 1. Freak Out Or Reach Out / 2. It’s Legal / 3. Forced / 4. Not Empty / 5. The Smuggler

(These songs were also on their debut-LP)

Blatant Yobs logo

‘Blatant Yobs’ were a skate-core band from Sassenheim/Lisse: Rick ‘Wick’ Stolk (vocals), John ‘Sjon’ Rewijk (guitar), Ruben Schrama (bass) & Robert Soeterbroek (drums). I believe Robert or John sent me this demo as an introduction to get some gigs (probably instigated by ‘Bobwire’ who were from the same area). I reviewed it in Tilt! #5: >>Fast HC with slight metal touches. They rip live.<<

Blatant Yobs lyrics

Six Feet Over (Fra) demo (1991)


A bunch of people from the North of France that regularly showed up at our concerts in the Vort’n Vis were in this band. These nice people and their entourage were/became friends: Karl Penando (guitar), Pierre Anne (drums), Steph Cormary (vocals; editor of God Bless Cheese Steaks zine) & Fred (bass). They played the V.V. quite a few times between June ’91 and September ’93.

Fom the review of this tape in Tilt! #7: >>’Go!’ revisited or ‘Ripcord’ imitation? It reminds me of ‘Stikky’ and ‘Stark Raving Mad’ too. Short but raging cuts. Laconic, to-the-point political lyrics. A promising introduction to their 7″…<<


I moved to Toulouse. Steph and me did a new band a few years ago called ‘Mediocratie’. Later he played in ‘Dissiped’ and I was in ‘Tol Eressëa’… I still see Steph (we share a rehearsal-space). Pierre is still a good friend which I see when I go up North, he plays surf-rock since no less than 10 years! His band ‘Les Chefs’ released an LP.

Karl Penando

(Listen: side A & side B)


Catharsis (UK) Beyond A Joke; demo (1989)


Catharsis - Beyond A Joke


Singer Brian Puplett sent me 2 tapes to review, probably instigated by Anthony Palmer (Dingo Baby & Duhhh editor; they’ld be in ‘Embittered‘ together). They both lived in Middlesbrough at that time. These 2 demos were ‘Catharisis’ (nót the USA one) first: More Fun Than Laughing and this one here.

The line-up during these recordings was Bri (vocals), Dale Tominson (guitar), Darren Moore (drums) and ‘Riff’ (bass). Bri was the first singer and only sang on these 2. He was replaced by vocalist Chris Campbell/Durkin who would later play bass in ‘Kito’.


This was the first 7″ released by ‘Catharsis’ in 1989. The second demo of 4. It was released on Yukon Ho!, by a friend who also lived in Middlesbrough. It was pretty exciting for us at the time as we were the only band amongst our scene to have an actual vinyl release. We were around 19/20 years old at the time and coming from the industrial North East where unemployment at the time was mandatory. We were young, bored and pissed off and liked listening to bands like ‘D.R.I.’! ‘Catharsis’ was my first band, we were very popular in our region for a few years. Musically we were aiming for a crossover sound, fusing thrash and hardcore with an underlying groove. When ‘Catharsis’ split Bri and me formed ‘Manfat‘ and later we formed ‘John Holmes’.

Dale Tomlinson

Catharsis - Dale Tomlinson, Chris Campbell, Darren Moore & Riff‘Catharsis’ 2nd line-up: Dale Tomlinson, Chris Campbell, Darren Moore & ‘Riff’

Catharsis (Beyond A Joke) lyr

Catharsis (Beyond A Joke) draw

One Blood (Can) demo (1989)


Great political hardcore band from Toronto. I think the guys of ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ introduced us to one and other and they sent their tape for review in my zine… Drummer Paul Abrash (with the help of singer Stephen Perry) also did Drastic Solutions zine, of which I distributed a couple of issues.

Tilt! #6: >>Excellent stuff here! Uptempo to fast shredding HC with surprising hooks. Keeps your attention from start to end. Intelligent and critical lyrics (politics/scene/personal); female + male vocals.<< Definitely check out their self-released EP and the LP Building a World of Prosperity with the Efficiency of the Free Enterprise System (Gern Blandsten ’91).

Stephen does a radio-show on a local FM station and publishes on a blog (equalizingXdistort) with the same name.

(Listen: side A & side B)

One BloodOne Blood'

Deviant Gedrag (Bel) Yeah Really; demo (1986)



Deviant Gedrag democover


Track-list: 1. What’s Reality / 2. Fear / 3. War / 4. Tell Me / 5. Fascist Cops / 6. Brainless / 7. Problems / 8. I Hate Religion

Deviant Gedrag lyricsheet

First time I saw/heard ‘Deviant Gedrag’ (from the Ternat area) was when they played de Gele Limonade in Aalst (85-10-19). I really liked their uptempo melodic punk/rock. The band consisted of Danny (vocals), Iz(z)y (guitar), Jo (bass) and Dirk Jans (drums). The latter introduced me to some interesting bands. Later on he played for ‘Indecency’ and ‘5Les’; nowadays he’s in the mainstream rock-band ‘De Mens’.

I saw them several times live. They also played on a gig organised by the Smurfpunx collective (86-05-10) and I invited them to play in my hometown 2 times: 87-04-03 & 87-05-08

 8x-xx-xx Deviant Gedrag

Deviant Gedrag artwork

Deviant Gedrag