Deviant Gedrag (Bel) Yeah Really; demo (1986)



Deviant Gedrag democover


Track-list: 1. What’s Reality / 2. Fear / 3. War / 4. Tell Me / 5. Fascist Cops / 6. Brainless / 7. Problems / 8. I Hate Religion

Deviant Gedrag lyricsheet

First time I saw/heard ‘Deviant Gedrag’ (from the Ternat area) was when they played de Gele Limonade in Aalst (85-10-19). I really liked their uptempo melodic punk/rock. The band consisted of Danny (vocals), Iz(z)y (guitar), Jo (bass) and Dirk Jans (drums). The latter introduced me to some interesting bands. Later on he played for ‘Indecency’ and ‘5Les’; nowadays he’s in the mainstream rock-band ‘De Mens’.

I saw them several times live. They also played on a gig organised by the Smurfpunx collective (86-05-10) and I invited them to play in my hometown 2 times: 87-04-03 & 87-05-08

 8x-xx-xx Deviant Gedrag

Deviant Gedrag artwork

Deviant Gedrag

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