One Blood (Can) demo (1989)


Great political hardcore band from Toronto. I think the guys of ‘Sons Of Ishmael’ introduced us to one and other and they sent their tape for review in my zine… Drummer Paul Abrash (with the help of singer Stephen Perry) also did Drastic Solutions zine, of which I distributed a couple of issues.

Tilt! #6: >>Excellent stuff here! Uptempo to fast shredding HC with surprising hooks. Keeps your attention from start to end. Intelligent and critical lyrics (politics/scene/personal); female + male vocals.<< Definitely check out their self-released EP and the LP Building a World of Prosperity with the Efficiency of the Free Enterprise System (Gern Blandsten ’91).

Stephen does a radio-show on a local FM station and publishes on a blog (equalizingXdistort) with the same name.

(Listen: side A & side B)

One BloodOne Blood'

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