Six Feet Over (Fra) demo (1991)


A bunch of people from the North of France that regularly showed up at our concerts in the Vort’n Vis were in this band. These nice people and their entourage were/became friends: Karl Penando (guitar), Pierre Anne (drums), Steph Cormary (vocals; editor of God Bless Cheese Steaks zine) & Fred (bass). They played the V.V. quite a few times between June ’91 and September ’93.

Fom the review of this tape in Tilt! #7: >>’Go!’ revisited or ‘Ripcord’ imitation? It reminds me of ‘Stikky’ and ‘Stark Raving Mad’ too. Short but raging cuts. Laconic, to-the-point political lyrics. A promising introduction to their 7″…<<


I moved to Toulouse. Steph and me did a new band a few years ago called ‘Mediocratie’. Later he played in ‘Dissiped’ and I was in ‘Tol Eressëa’… I still see Steph (we share a rehearsal-space). Pierre is still a good friend which I see when I go up North, he plays surf-rock since no less than 10 years! His band ‘Les Chefs’ released an LP.

Karl Penando

(Listen: side A & side B)


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