Blatant Yobs (Hol) Bitchin’ And Slammin’; demo (1987)


Blatant Yobs


Track-list: 1. Freak Out Or Reach Out / 2. It’s Legal / 3. Forced / 4. Not Empty / 5. The Smuggler

(These songs were also on their debut-LP)

Blatant Yobs logo

‘Blatant Yobs’ were a skate-core band from Sassenheim/Lisse: Rick ‘Wick’ Stolk (vocals), John ‘Sjon’ Rewijk (guitar), Ruben Schrama (bass) & Robert Soeterbroek (drums). I believe Robert or John sent me this demo as an introduction to get some gigs (probably instigated by ‘Bobwire’ who were from the same area). I reviewed it in Tilt! #5: >>Fast HC with slight metal touches. They rip live.<<

Blatant Yobs lyrics

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