16 B.U.H. (Swe) Vad Har Vi Gjort För Fel?; demo (1987)


16BUH cover

16BUH tracks (Vad Hvar Vi Gjort För Fel)

(Listen: side A & side B)

Mikael ‘Löken’ Karlsson (guitar; also used to Fetvadd zine and started a label with the same name), Jimmy Karlsson (bass), Frank Bergsten (drums) & Magnus Grehn (vocals) formed ’16 Blåsare Utan Hjärna’ (“blowers without brain”), a melodic HC/punk band from Tranås. They did a show in Mol (Belgium) in 1988 but I didn’t get to see them there. Can’t remember if they sent me the tape (Vad Har Vi Gjort För Fel? – What Have We Done wrong?) to arrange concerts. ‘Löken’ was also in the band ‘Rövsvett’ (with Frank)…


I really liked to play in this band, I did play guitar, more my kind of stuff. I played bass in ‘Rövsvett’, there I was able to get rid of some energy but in ’16 B.U.H.’ melodic hardcore was our main thing. This was our second tape, the first got out in 1986. We have 5-6 unreleased songs that we never recorded; I still know the songs, it’s real good stuff. Also our last demo from 92/93 was on some compilations: worthy to put on a 7″… We have stuff for 2 more CDs but nothing´s planned to be released. We had all stuff on vinyl, tapes and compilations; we better leave like that.

Mikael Karlsson

16 BUH bookletcover (-)16 BUH booklet (a)16 BUH booklet (b)16 BUH booklet (c)16 BUH booklet (d)16 BUH booklet back (-)

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