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Cry For Change (Bel) As Time Goes By; demo (1990)


CFC insert(Listen!)

This is nót the metal-core outfit from Deinze that was around in the noughties! This about the posi HC band ‘Cry For Change’ from Oostrozebeke/Meulebeke (8000 area) that played shows in the early 90s. You can read a bit about their history in the presentation in Tilt! #6. When this demo was recorded they consisted of Jean-Pierre Verhulst (guitar), Peter Maes (bass), Johan Maes (vocals), Chris (guitar) and Piet (drums). Some of them were SxE-minded but they didn’t want to be labelled as just a straight-edge band…

From my review in Tilt! #6: “Straightforward uptempo HC…quite powerful. Sounds like early ‘7 Seconds’ some times…”

CFC lyricsCFC lyrics'CFC lyrics''

CFC thxCFC logo

Behind The Smile (Fra) Suburban Wars; demo (1991)


Behind The Smile cover

Behind The Smile label


‘Behind The Smile’ was a band from the Valenciennes region (France) playing melodic hardcore/punk band. My mate Arnaud Huftier played bass (he did Uprising Decay zine), the others were Laurent (drums), Rudy (guitar) & Christophe Chojna (vocals). In 1992 they did a split 7” with the Finnish ‘Juggling Jugulars’ called ‘A Wish To Dream on Sylvain Vilette’s Bad Card recs (1992); on which Christophe & Laurent had been replaced. They also had a second guitarist, Pierre, by then.

From my review in Tilt! #7: “…awkward, strange, uneasy but impressive HC (jazz-punk-blues fusion)…not afraid to try out new things and combine different styles and rhythms. … Cool! Intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics.”.

Behind The Smile lyricsBehind The Smile lyrics'Behind The Smile lyrics''

Nailbomb (UK) demo (1992)


Nailbomb cover


Nailbomb lyrics

A band from Bradford formed by ‘Rich Militia’ on guitar/bass and Nick Royles (drums) – both ex ‘Sore Throat’. They did a first demo (1991) in this line-up. Nick tells me there was a second demo recorded at the same place as the first one (with ‘Bez’ Andrew Berry, Nick, Rich & ‘Ronnie’ (Rich Corbridge’s nickname). Rich left to do start ‘Solstice’, Nick went on to do ‘Ironside’. Later ‘Stoney’ & Neil came in.

On this third demo the band consisted of Rich(ard) Corbridge (bass), Andy ‘Bez’ (guitar; ex ‘No Way Out’), ‘Stoney’ Paul Stone (guitar; nowadays in now in ‘Keyside Strike‘), Heath Powell/Crosby (vocals; ex ‘No Way Out’, later ‘Neckbrace’, ‘Stampin’ Ground’, nowadays in ‘Days of End’) & Neil Godding (drums; later ‘Neckbrace’).

Rich Corbridge put out an EP on his label Armed With Anger recs (split with ‘Wartorn’). I think he was the one who sent met the tape as were correspondents and distributed each other’s zines.


They reformed with drummer Lennaert [Roomer; later in ‘Boycot’ & ‘Distress’] and recorded the split-EP. The line-up on that was ‘Bez’, Rich, Heath, Ronnie & Lennaert. The latter and Rich left to form ‘Solstice’. Heath joined after the second demo.

Nick Royles

‘Bez’ and me grew up on the same road about 100 yards from each other. We’d been in a couple of bands that went nowhere as kids and we become mates with Heath, 87-ish. When they fell out with ‘Militia’, Bez asked me to join since he remembered I wrote stuff and we were into the same music (‘Cro-Mags’, ‘Agnostic Front’, ‘Ludichrist’, ‘Excel’, ‘No For An Answer’, ‘Minor Threat’, ‘S.O.I.A.’, etc.). My first gig was a Sunday matinee at the 1 in 12 the same day as a ‘Fugazi’ gig at Queens Hall in Bradford, the second was supporting ‘M.D.C.’! We went on to do a bunch of great gigs with ‘Slapshot’, ‘S.O.I.A.’, ‘Biohazard’, plus headline gigs and recorded a couple of demo’s and a radio-session for a European radio show.

Rich and Neil were already in the band when I joined, they did the split with ‘Wartorn’ just prior to my joining. We recorded One World for the compilation-EP Consolidation on Armed With Anger. It was one of the first songs I wrote for the band.

Paul Stone

Harum Scarum (USA) demo (1999)


Harum Scarum tape

Harum Scarum demo-coverHarum Scarum tracklist(Listen!)

‘Harum Scarum’ was an all-female, anarcho-punk/hardcore band from Portland, Oregon. They were openly queer, hardcore feminists and anti-capitalists (“Harum Scarum consider themselves punks, but happen to be girls and dykes.”). Their music was described as “catchy melodic (anrcho crust)punk, politically charged, blazingly melodic and driving hardcore. Passionate yet angry, political lyrics and message”. The people in the band were Dyanne ‘Scam’ Sekeres (bass/vocals), ‘Scary’ Shari(lyn) Menard (drums/vocals; played in riot grrrl bands ‘Third Sex’ & ‘Cypher In The Snow’, and ran Brickwall distribution = DIY punk distro and record-store) & Toni ‘Baloni’ Gogin (guitar/vocals; played drums for ‘Sleater-Kinney’ 2006-2007). Erin ‘Scarum’ did vocals and was in the band untill 2001 (They became a 3-piece when she left.)

This tape (recorded in their basement in 1999) was sent to me by a woman named Mona (from Bremen) who was looking for help to find gigs on their European tour in 2000. In Belgium they did shows in Gent (2000-04-10; at our local ‘K13’ squat) and in Liège (2000-04-11). Neil Robinson (Tribal War recs; ex ‘Nausea’) was on tour with them: he’d released their Mental Health LP in ‘99 (Jenni of Emancypunx in Warsaw distributed it in Europe).

On the 2004 tour they had a male drummer (Jukka Karihtala from the Finnish band ‘Manifesto Jukebox’) because Shari broke her hand…

Harum Scarum lyricsHarum Scarum lyrics'————————-


Harum Scarum introduction

Harum Scarum lyrics

Harum Scarum mental health (-)

Harum Scarum pic1Harum Scarum pic2Harum Scarum pic3Harum Scarum pic4

Harum Scarum tour2000-04-10 @ ‘K13′ Franse Vaart Squat, Ghent, Belgium

Bell’laut (Ger) demo (1987)


Bell'laut cover

‘Bell’laut’ came from Braunschweig; their bassist ‘Stork’ Stefan Gilge and me used to correspond. I’d arranged 2 shows for them (Winterswijk, Hol & Aalst, Bel) in April ’88 but they split up before they were due to play. Their guitarist (Jens Altemark) released a 7″ entitled What Do You Know (with the first 4 tracks of this tape) in ’88; I reviewed it in Tilt #4 as follows: >>Metal combined with straight-ahead HC. Seems like they got their inspiration from ‘Excel’. Politically inspired lyrics.<< They also had a couple of tracks on the 7” compilation This Is My Life – Not Yours! (Recordrom recs, 1988).


‘Bell’laut’ was my 4th band. I guess we started in 1986 (vox: ‘Wumba’, guitar: Jens, bass: ‘Stork’, drums: Heiko) We reformed the band in 1989 with me on 2nd guitar and bassist ‘Hamster’). We had various gigs in northern Germany. Our biggest show was in Hamburg on new year’s eve in front of nearly 1.000 drunken punks and left-wing activists of the Hafenstrasse. In 1989, in the summer before the wall felt down, we played at a HC/metal festival in Wagrovic in Poland. A real adventure behind the iron certain. After that show, I left the band to form a new one. I prefer the old-school punk/HC style and ‘Bell’laut’ was more metal/crossover. ‘Wumba’ also left the band, moving away for his job. But sometimes I meet him at parties or gigs in Braunschweig. He never made music again. Later Jens moved to northern Germany to develop windpower-machines. He’s a skilled technican but no longer plays music in a band. Maybe at home??? ‘Hamster’ is still into music: he was the bassist in various bands until the end of the eighties and works as a stage-mixer and producer. Heiko and me made music for a long time with our band ‘Trigger Finger’. We split at the end of the century and Heiko unfortunatley changed his mind complete. He began to march along with nazis and cut his hair; lost his tolerance for everything. Sad story! He moved to Mallorca, came back, and became a social case and alcoholic.

I still play punk-music until today. I started playing in bands in the late 70s and never stopped. I started with a band called ‘Sids Rats’, than ‘Nervenspass’, ‘P.M.A.’ (mid 80s; with my girlfriend Babet Hansen as vocalist – She’s gone back to Amsterdam a long time ago but we’re still in touch. She’s an artist but never makes music anymore.), ‘Bell’laut’, ‘Trigger Finger’, ‘Vodka & The Blackouts’, and today ‘Helsinki Blockheads’. Like real old farts, my mates and me now play the old hits at birthday- and wedding-parties, street-gigs, charities and mournings.

I started a label, record-store and other activities over the years. For example No Trend was a punk/HC record-store and distro for the ‘Bell’laut’ 7″. Dealers Delight did a mCD for a ‘Trigger Finger’. I wrote stuff for the fanzines Ox, Plastic Bomb and 3rd Generation Nation. I’ve been organising shows here in Braunschweig for a long time…and I am one of the last survivors of the first local punk generation.

‘Stork’ Stefan Gilge

Bell'laut info(Listen!)

Bell'laut tracklistBell'laut lyrics

Aphrodite’s Lawyer (Hol) 4 Liedjes; demo (1990)


Aphrodite's Lawyer


Track-list: 1. Rapid Tears / 2. Discovery Of The Indifference / 3. Elephant Slaughter / 4. The Lawyer

Aphrodite's Lawyer insert

‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’ was band from Alphen aan de Rijn (near Rotterdam) that played complex, technical, inventive, arty stuff. I used to correspond with their guitarist Daan, a nice and clever lad. He sent me their demo, which as stated on the insert is an “advance tape from a never released single”. Daan/Daniel ‘Beef’ van der V. did vocals & played guitar, Jeff was the drummer and Jao ‘Dealer’ Van de L. plucked the bass. They also had a track on the W.R.F. compilation (Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat, 1992) entitled Telstar. We invited them over to play for the Vort’n Vis (90-03-17)…

From Tilt! #6: >>Stylistically very varied music. Parts sound like crossover/HC, others like metal sympho-rock or thrash. The mixture is quite complex and not so accesible at first. The total sounds rather impressive. Hard-to-get, abstract lyrics.<<

Daniel van der V. is a graphic designer and writer. He founded Metahaven, a studio for design and research.

Watch them in their little road-movie


Aphrodite's Lawyer introductie

Daan and me were childhood-friends, lived next to each other and are good friends since 1977. As adolescents we got the idea to start a band – we both played an instrument a bit: Daan piano and myself violin; pretty soon that became guitar and drums. I was more into metal and he was more into punk, and we mixed that together. In 1985 we founded ‘Cruise Missiles From Eden’, a punk-band that already quit after the first gig. We went on together and started (with Jao, a mutual friend that we knew from school) ‘Omadeath’ [‘oma’ = grandma]. The band-name was an ‘anti-death’ statement against all metal-bands that had ‘death’ in their names and, because they had such a cool name, suddenly became interesting and popular. We chose the grandma-theme to ridicule it and to see whether such a name would work. It did: before we knew it, the first demo went around the globe (via tape-traders, mags, etc.) and many people heard about it. We did some shows and decided to record a second demo and make serious music. We succeeded but the music didn’t really fit the name. This demo didn’t do as well and people turned their backs; it was also totally different (well conceived) music. In 1989 we therefore dediced to take on the name ‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’. The ‘defenders of the goddess of love’, friendship & Frank Zappa. Zappa was a big source of inspiration for our music, as well as ‘The Tornados’, ‘Melvins’, ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ & ‘TAD’. We went into a studio for a record that would be released on a German label (I forgot the name). However, that didn’t happen (of course) because the label-guy  financed his releases with his allowance and didn’t have enough money. Daan got into a quarrel with the bloke and the deal was off. We released it as a demo and used it to get shows.

After  more than a year we stopped doing ‘A.L.’ (in 1991) and we didn’t see each other anymore. Jao and myself kept in touch. In 1993 I’d started a garage-punk band and coincidentally bumped into Daan at a party. He joined as front-man, we did many shows until that band also broke up in ’94. He’s a graphic designer and resides in Amsterdam. Jao is a graduated chemist and lives in Colorado. He doesn’t do music anymore. Myself, I play in a 70s rock’n’roll band (‘Monstertone’), a 70s blues-band and a doom/metal-band.


Aphrodite's Lawyer pic

No Fraud (USA) demo (1985)


No Fraud coverNo Fraud tapeNo Fraud tracks(Listen!)

During the second half of the 80s ‘No Fraud’ (Venice, Florida) appeared in practically every fanzine. Singer Dan Destructo took good care of the band’s PR. He also sent me a tape to introduce themselves (interview?) and inquire if it was possible to do a European tour. That never happened… The German label Nuclear Blast recs did release a 12″ in 1989.

I assume the band’s line-up on this one was the same as on their first 7″ (The E.P.): Dan singing, Terry Huber on guitar, Jason ‘Buzz’ Cockrill on bass & Mike Shenkin hitting the drums. Described as “blazing skate-core” and compared with early ‘R.K.L.’. On the 12″ (Hard To The Core) a bit more crossover (references to ‘Impulse Manslaughter’ & ‘Stark Raving Mad’)… The band has gone through quite some changes but still exits.

No Fraud (EP)