Aphrodite’s Lawyer (Hol) 4 Liedjes; demo (1990)


Aphrodite's Lawyer


Track-list: 1. Rapid Tears / 2. Discovery Of The Indifference / 3. Elephant Slaughter / 4. The Lawyer

Aphrodite's Lawyer insert

‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’ was band from Alphen aan de Rijn (near Rotterdam) that played complex, technical, inventive, arty stuff. I used to correspond with their guitarist Daan, a nice and clever lad. He sent me their demo, which as stated on the insert is an “advance tape from a never released single”. Daan/Daniel ‘Beef’ van der V. did vocals & played guitar, Jeff was the drummer and Jao ‘Dealer’ Van de L. plucked the bass. They also had a track on the W.R.F. compilation (Als Je Haar Maar Goed Zat, 1992) entitled Telstar. We invited them over to play for the Vort’n Vis (90-03-17)…

From Tilt! #6: >>Stylistically very varied music. Parts sound like crossover/HC, others like metal sympho-rock or thrash. The mixture is quite complex and not so accesible at first. The total sounds rather impressive. Hard-to-get, abstract lyrics.<<

Daniel van der V. is a graphic designer and writer. He founded Metahaven, a studio for design and research.

Watch them in their little road-movie


Aphrodite's Lawyer introductie

Daan and me were childhood-friends, lived next to each other and are good friends since 1977. As adolescents we got the idea to start a band – we both played an instrument a bit: Daan piano and myself violin; pretty soon that became guitar and drums. I was more into metal and he was more into punk, and we mixed that together. In 1985 we founded ‘Cruise Missiles From Eden’, a punk-band that already quit after the first gig. We went on together and started (with Jao, a mutual friend that we knew from school) ‘Omadeath’ [‘oma’ = grandma]. The band-name was an ‘anti-death’ statement against all metal-bands that had ‘death’ in their names and, because they had such a cool name, suddenly became interesting and popular. We chose the grandma-theme to ridicule it and to see whether such a name would work. It did: before we knew it, the first demo went around the globe (via tape-traders, mags, etc.) and many people heard about it. We did some shows and decided to record a second demo and make serious music. We succeeded but the music didn’t really fit the name. This demo didn’t do as well and people turned their backs; it was also totally different (well conceived) music. In 1989 we therefore dediced to take on the name ‘Aphrodite’s Lawyer’. The ‘defenders of the goddess of love’, friendship & Frank Zappa. Zappa was a big source of inspiration for our music, as well as ‘The Tornados’, ‘Melvins’, ‘Extreme Noise Terror’ & ‘TAD’. We went into a studio for a record that would be released on a German label (I forgot the name). However, that didn’t happen (of course) because the label-guy  financed his releases with his allowance and didn’t have enough money. Daan got into a quarrel with the bloke and the deal was off. We released it as a demo and used it to get shows.

After  more than a year we stopped doing ‘A.L.’ (in 1991) and we didn’t see each other anymore. Jao and myself kept in touch. In 1993 I’d started a garage-punk band and coincidentally bumped into Daan at a party. He joined as front-man, we did many shows until that band also broke up in ’94. He’s a graphic designer and resides in Amsterdam. Jao is a graduated chemist and lives in Colorado. He doesn’t do music anymore. Myself, I play in a 70s rock’n’roll band (‘Monstertone’), a 70s blues-band and a doom/metal-band.


Aphrodite's Lawyer pic

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  1. Fun to see this again and especially to hear it. I haven’t heard this tape in many years. I was the bassist and the photographer of this band (the images above I created indeed). This was a lot of fun and some interesting years. We played many places around the country and outside of it once in a while. I have kept in touch with Jeff indeed and played in a band with him for a while. Played in some other bands too…
    Presently I play some guitar but not in public. Living in the States now makes playing with old friends a lot harder ;-). I have very sporadicly contact with Daan. He runs an interesting studio/collective and is still as counterculturally/politically bent as he was then. There are a few interesting interviews and talks on his design philosophy on YouTube that you can check out.
    Again, thanks for putting this online. Nice blast from the past. I should try to find the negatives for these images at some point. I remember there being a lot of cool gritty street photography in there. The portraits that I shot as back-up were fun too. Artwise, myself I still do a lot of photography as my site will show you but not as gritty as I used to.
    Fun tidbit. The harbour-singer you hear in the first song was a complete accident. This was left over from a previous session done in the same studio for a commercial jingle I believe and when we were playing the song it blasted over our monitors so we decided to keep it on. He sings “Ik hoor niet wat je zegt!” (“I can’t hear what you are saying!”). Which is kind of appropriate.


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