Harum Scarum (USA) demo (1999)


Harum Scarum tape

Harum Scarum demo-coverHarum Scarum tracklist(Listen!)

‘Harum Scarum’ was an all-female, anarcho-punk/hardcore band from Portland, Oregon. They were openly queer, hardcore feminists and anti-capitalists (“Harum Scarum consider themselves punks, but happen to be girls and dykes.”). Their music was described as “catchy melodic (anrcho crust)punk, politically charged, blazingly melodic and driving hardcore. Passionate yet angry, political lyrics and message”. The people in the band were Dyanne ‘Scam’ Sekeres (bass/vocals), ‘Scary’ Shari(lyn) Menard (drums/vocals; played in riot grrrl bands ‘Third Sex’ & ‘Cypher In The Snow’, and ran Brickwall distribution = DIY punk distro and record-store) & Toni ‘Baloni’ Gogin (guitar/vocals; played drums for ‘Sleater-Kinney’ 2006-2007). Erin ‘Scarum’ did vocals and was in the band untill 2001 (They became a 3-piece when she left.)

This tape (recorded in their basement in 1999) was sent to me by a woman named Mona (from Bremen) who was looking for help to find gigs on their European tour in 2000. In Belgium they did shows in Gent (2000-04-10; at our local ‘K13’ squat) and in Liège (2000-04-11). Neil Robinson (Tribal War recs; ex ‘Nausea’) was on tour with them: he’d released their Mental Health LP in ‘99 (Jenni of Emancypunx in Warsaw distributed it in Europe).

On the 2004 tour they had a male drummer (Jukka Karihtala from the Finnish band ‘Manifesto Jukebox’) because Shari broke her hand…

Harum Scarum lyricsHarum Scarum lyrics'————————-


Harum Scarum introduction

Harum Scarum lyrics

Harum Scarum mental health (-)

Harum Scarum pic1Harum Scarum pic2Harum Scarum pic3Harum Scarum pic4

Harum Scarum tour2000-04-10 @ ‘K13′ Franse Vaart Squat, Ghent, Belgium

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