Nailbomb (UK) demo (1992)


Nailbomb cover


Nailbomb lyrics

A band from Bradford formed by ‘Rich Militia’ on guitar/bass and Nick Royles (drums) – both ex ‘Sore Throat’. They did a first demo (1991) in this line-up. Nick tells me there was a second demo recorded at the same place as the first one (with ‘Bez’ Andrew Berry, Nick, Rich & ‘Ronnie’ (Rich Corbridge’s nickname). Rich left to do start ‘Solstice’, Nick went on to do ‘Ironside’. Later ‘Stoney’ & Neil came in.

On this third demo the band consisted of Rich(ard) Corbridge (bass), Andy ‘Bez’ (guitar; ex ‘No Way Out’), ‘Stoney’ Paul Stone (guitar; nowadays in now in ‘Keyside Strike‘), Heath Powell/Crosby (vocals; ex ‘No Way Out’, later ‘Neckbrace’, ‘Stampin’ Ground’, nowadays in ‘Days of End’) & Neil Godding (drums; later ‘Neckbrace’).

Rich Corbridge put out an EP on his label Armed With Anger recs (split with ‘Wartorn’). I think he was the one who sent met the tape as were correspondents and distributed each other’s zines.


They reformed with drummer Lennaert [Roomer; later in ‘Boycot’ & ‘Distress’] and recorded the split-EP. The line-up on that was ‘Bez’, Rich, Heath, Ronnie & Lennaert. The latter and Rich left to form ‘Solstice’. Heath joined after the second demo.

Nick Royles

‘Bez’ and me grew up on the same road about 100 yards from each other. We’d been in a couple of bands that went nowhere as kids and we become mates with Heath, 87-ish. When they fell out with ‘Militia’, Bez asked me to join since he remembered I wrote stuff and we were into the same music (‘Cro-Mags’, ‘Agnostic Front’, ‘Ludichrist’, ‘Excel’, ‘No For An Answer’, ‘Minor Threat’, ‘S.O.I.A.’, etc.). My first gig was a Sunday matinee at the 1 in 12 the same day as a ‘Fugazi’ gig at Queens Hall in Bradford, the second was supporting ‘M.D.C.’! We went on to do a bunch of great gigs with ‘Slapshot’, ‘S.O.I.A.’, ‘Biohazard’, plus headline gigs and recorded a couple of demo’s and a radio-session for a European radio show.

Rich and Neil were already in the band when I joined, they did the split with ‘Wartorn’ just prior to my joining. We recorded One World for the compilation-EP Consolidation on Armed With Anger. It was one of the first songs I wrote for the band.

Paul Stone

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