Behind The Smile (Fra) Suburban Wars; demo (1991)


Behind The Smile cover

Behind The Smile label


‘Behind The Smile’ was a band from the Valenciennes region (France) playing melodic hardcore/punk band. My mate Arnaud Huftier played bass (he did Uprising Decay zine), the others were Laurent (drums), Rudy (guitar) & Christophe Chojna (vocals). In 1992 they did a split 7” with the Finnish ‘Juggling Jugulars’ called ‘A Wish To Dream on Sylvain Vilette’s Bad Card recs (1992); on which Christophe & Laurent had been replaced. They also had a second guitarist, Pierre, by then.

From my review in Tilt! #7: “…awkward, strange, uneasy but impressive HC (jazz-punk-blues fusion)…not afraid to try out new things and combine different styles and rhythms. … Cool! Intelligent and thought-provoking lyrics.”.

Behind The Smile lyricsBehind The Smile lyrics'Behind The Smile lyrics''

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