Cry For Change (Bel) As Time Goes By; demo (1990)


CFC insert(Listen!)

This is nót the metal-core outfit from Deinze that was around in the noughties! This about the posi HC band ‘Cry For Change’ from Oostrozebeke/Meulebeke (8000 area) that played shows in the early 90s. You can read a bit about their history in the presentation in Tilt! #6. When this demo was recorded they consisted of Jean-Pierre Verhulst (guitar), Peter Maes (bass), Johan Maes (vocals), Chris (guitar) and Piet (drums). Some of them were SxE-minded but they didn’t want to be labelled as just a straight-edge band…

From my review in Tilt! #6: “Straightforward uptempo HC…quite powerful. Sounds like early ‘7 Seconds’ some times…”

CFC lyricsCFC lyrics'CFC lyrics''

CFC thxCFC logo

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