Union Morbide (Hol) demo (1988)


Union Morbide cover(Listen!)

‘Union Morbide’ (from Beverwijk/Heemskerk) played melodic HC/punk. They played for our Smurfpunx collective (89-03-25) in the original line-up with bassplayer Eelco Boonacker, guitarist Philip van Koeveringe (both had been in ‘Cas Prawde’), singer Maxim Aafjes, & drummer Michel Weijgertse (R.I.P. 2008). Later they did a gig at the Vort’n Vis (91-11-23) aswell (Dennis Cornelissens had replaced Eelco, who did second guitar by then.). I think it was Mariska Schram (who organised tours, and Eelco’s partner at the time) who sent me this demo.

Union Morbide tracksThese tracks were used for the compilation-LP Young ‘Til I Die (Westfries Radio Front, 1989). Buried Memories also appeared on their Ditto album. From Tilt! #5: “…the right mix of melody and power. Great singalong tunes and catchy vocals…”

Union Morbide logo

Hans Engel and myself are making an attempt at background-vocals in the last song. Funny recordings, but the mix could’ve been a bit more solid (I believe I also had a finger in the mixing-pie, but it remains a bit of a pots’n’pans-sound…).

Niels de Wit, ‘Vernon Walters’ guitarist

That’s indeed Hans and Niels singing there; gives me goosebumps all over! By the way: in 1988 these recording also made it to the offices of an A&R manager at Warner Music in L.A. and he even got on the plane to the Netherlands to discuss a contract with us. It was the pre-internet era, so no idea how he’d found us. I talked with him over the phone a few times and we agreed to meet with the band at Mariska’s house. He got a bit of a scare when he saw us: he’d expected heavy metal guys and not us punx. He wanted to turn us into some sort of alternative to ‘Metallica’ and had more of those ‘wonderful’ ideas. One of his proposals was to let us grow long hair and we had to move to L.A., etc. Maxim was turning green! In the end we put him on a railway-sleeper, drenched him in tar and feathers, and put him back on the plane. What a laugh!

Eelco Boonacker, ‘Union Morbide’ bassist

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