Huasipungo (USA) demo (1991)


Huasipungo cover

Tracks: Estúpida Ambición (Stupid Ambition; also appeared on In the Spirit of Total Resistance 2×7″ compilation released by Profane Existence) / Ninos (Children; ‘Descontrol’ cover) / Let’s Save A Cow Today / Slaves Of An Imperial Country / Anarquia (Anarchy; ‘Garotos Podres’ cover) / Servicio Militar (The Draft) / Asco (Disgust; ‘Ataque Frontal’ cover) / Muerte (Death; ‘Napalm Death’ cover) / Union (Unity) / Suenos De Una Noche De Verano… (Dreams Of A Midsummer Night…)


I started corresponding (probably through the introdcution of Freddy Alva) with ‘Huasipungo’s vocalist Esneider – who became involved in the New Yorker ABC No Rio scene – in the early 90s (read his story in Sam McPheeters’ zine Dear Jesus #38).

The name ‘Huasipungo‘ refers to the fact that the people in the band were born in a different country and immigrated (willingly of forcefully). They are a political, Latino hardcore band. The line-up on their first demo (the label on the tape  says ‘Nuncanchic’) was Ivan (guitar), Dave (bass), Francisco ‘Pancho’ (drums) & Esneider (vocals).

Over the years there have been quite a few changes in members. At one timepoint, another correspondent of mine (Amanda Trevens) played guitar for them (at the time she was doing an internship for Tribal War recs, ’93). Nowadays the band still exists; with -amongst others- Jane Guskin (ex ‘Yeastie Girlz’) on bass.

Huasipungo lyricsHuasipungo lyrics'

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