Adelheid Streidel Experience (Ger) promo (1997)


A.S.E. demo-cover(Listen!)

‘Adelheid Streidel Experience’ (‘A.S.E.’; Adelheid Streidel was the woman that attempted to murder the German politician Oskar Lafontaine with a knife) was a political hardcore band from Bremen. The guys playing in the band were Lars & Martin (guitar), Olaf (bass), ‘Quaddel’ (drums; ex ‘Acid Rain Dance’) and Hanno ‘H-No’ (vocals). They had 3 releases out: a self-titled 7″ in ’93, the Holidays In Portugal LP  in ’95 (released on their own Gags & Gore, distributed by Per Koro) and Jenseits Der Stille 7” got out on Barbaren Musi in ’98. Find out more about them on their old website

This tape was sent to me by Andrea Preiss (Quaddel’s girlfriend at that time) who was booking for a lot of bands. It was just made for gig-organisers (most the songs actually appeared on their last 7″). The band was heading for Great-Britain and she wanted help, trying to find a gig in Belgium for 98-04-10 (but that turned out difficult). Too bad I didn’t get to see them play live…

Hanno & Lars were also doing Gags & Gore (hardcore/punk fanzine that existed from 1990-95, very political and with a good sense of humor – in German though).


We got together as a band basically right out of highschool (1990/91). Came up with a (shitty) demo-tape that was just given away locally (called Beirut – some songs were later recorded for the first 7” and the LP). That 7” came out in 1993. By then Olaf had replaced our first bass-player Carsten and after recording (as one of the first band at Dirk Kusche’s recording-studio), drummer ‘Kolli’ moved to the UK (he eventually came back) and ‘Quaddel’ replaced him (since ‘Acid Rain Dance’ just dissolved somewhat before). That was the line-up you’ll find on all our releases until the end (1993-1999). Our first tour was in 1994 (Southern Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic). Later on we played in Poland (a tour with ‘Los Crudos’), Spain (& Basque Country) and UK & Scotland in 1997, US Westcoast in 1998 (started at the BOB festival in Oakland with a lot of other bands from Bremen), 1999 was the final tour in Holland. Lars then left the band because he got a job in Hamburg, we tried to get on with a new guitar-player but it wasn’t the same so we called it quits. It was more about being best friends in a band together and not about just some musicians. There were 2 ‘reunions’ though…gigs in front of our house in Bremen – 1999 and 2002. Olaf still plays in ‘Profit For Murder’, Martin has some project in Berlin. The rest ‘retired’ from making music. I am occasionally operating as the ‘host’ and moderator of our punk-karaoke band called ‘Gorilla Beerkidz’ (Bremen). I also started as a DJ in clubs and bars (during the day I am a historian at university)… About our releases: we weren’t happy with the outcome of our LP/CD (1995). The guy in the studio in Berlin didn’t really know what to do with punk/HC and we went to the studio right after touring Poland – so my voice was actually gone and I hate my singing on that record… The songs we recorded in 1997 were actually supposed to be released on 2 7”s but we only managed to release one of them before ‘A.S.E.’ split up. So there are still some songs somewhere that are not published yet (Living In The City is one of them). But well, that’s the way it goes.


A.S.E. demo-tracklist

A.S.E. demo_lyrics 1A.S.E. demo_lyrics 2

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