Raped Teenagers (Swe) promo (1988)


Raped teenagers - I Kräftans KlorTracklist: 1. I kräftans Klor / 2. Svara Ann / 3. Fröet / 4. Fängslad / 5. Pusselbitar / 6. Sill I Dill / 7. 40-årskrisen / 8. Arbetarens Tankar / 9. Iskalla Blickar / 10. Skylten (all appeared on the I kräftans klor LP)


Peter Swedenhammar sent me this tape before ‘Raped Teenagers’ got to tour in 1988. We invited them to come over and play (88-06-11) but they never showed up because their van broke down…

There was no lyrics or insert to this tape so I asked the guys  what the songs are. Peter told me it’s a 4-channel recording they did before the I Kräftans Klor LP (Chickenbrain recs ’88 – there was also a flexi with the same name that was released to promote the LP, included with the German  zine Trust #12)… This here was not an official demo. Fresh, crazy, melodic HC with great hooks!

The band (from Linköping) consisted of Ola Fagerberg (bass/vocals), Patrik ‘Packe’ Sjösten (guitar/vocals) & Peter ‘Sveden’ Swedenhammar (drums/vocals). The latter 2 are playing in ‘Pusrad’ nowadays.

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