Lifecycle (Bel) There Is Hope Again; demo (1997)


Lifecycle cover


‘Lifecycle’ was a ‘new-school’ metal-influenced HC band from the Ieper/Kortrijk region (H8000 but not with that typical sound; because of the female vocals they reminded of ‘Shortsight’). On the recordings (at Michael ‘Link’ Maes’ home-studio) of this demo: Sofie Vantomme (vocals; co-founder Vincent Merveillie soon went on to sing for ‘Spirit Of Youth’), Karel Deweerdt (guitar), Steve Noyelle (guitar), Jurgen Degryse (bass; later replaced by Maarten Kinet, Peter Leuwers & Jelle Dobbelaere) and Jan ‘Relle’ Verhelst (drums; Jan Volckaert of ‘Resist The Pain’ stood in a few times during gigs; Vincent Tetaert joined in a later stage). A few years later a mini-album (CD) entitled Forever…Until… was recorded at 195 studio (released on SoberMind recs).

Some people in the H8000 scene (and outside) considered them “naïve idealist hippies”. In my book, however, a lot of the ‘genuine’ H8000 were ignorant, uncaring machos. The band never aimed at being a ‘real’ H8000-styled band, they just did their own thing and I value them for that…

Lifecycle line-up

Lifecycle lyricsLifecycle lyrics'

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