Subcaos (Por) Genocidio; demo (1992)


Subcaos demo coverIntro / Escravo Da Droga (Drug Slave) / Mundo De Hoje (World Of Today) / Progresso? (Progress?) / Sugadores (Suckers) / Chacina Legal (Legal Slaughter) / Neutralizados (Neutralized) / Estado Novo? (New State?) / Porcos Nacionalistas (Nazionalist Pigs) / Faz A Diferença (Make A Difference) / Subcaos!!!


João Abrantes (guitar), Rui Abrantes (bass), Hugo Begucho (drums; also in ‘Alcoore’) & ‘Xico’ Francisco Dias (vocals) were the guys in the band during the recording of this demo. When they did shows over here (93/94) ‘Subcaos’ (who were from the Lisbon area) consisted of Diogo (Tovar) Carvalho (vocals; also did Recognize No Authority zine), ‘Xico’ (or ‘Chico’ or FJ; vocals), João Abrantes (guitar), João Barrelas ‘Libelinha’ (guitar; also in ‘X-Acto’), To-Pê (bass) & David (drums). The music on Genocidio was described as “chaotic crustcore” but I reviewed it (Tilt! #7) as follows: “Raging, grinding HC in the ‘Ripcord’-vein with politically aware lyrics… Furiously shouting vocalist, fast but tight drumming and crunchy guitars.”.

I believe that the tape was sent to me by my pen-pal Miguel Crespo of the Portugese concert-collective Ratazana Productions.


David left the band the day before we took of for the ’94 tour. We almost had to cancel but we managed and brought on Hugo. He knew some songs and learned others while se were driving. Unfortunately he couldn’t play lots of new songs we had from the 7”revolution EP

João Abrantes

Artwork and lay-out by Diogo and Pedro Mateus of ‘X-Acto’.

Francisco ‘FJ’ Dias


Subcaos demo infoSubcaos demo lyrics

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