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Violent Mosquitos (Bel) Leads To Disaster; demo (1987)


Violent MosquitosViolent Mosquitos'(Listen: side A & side B)

Violent Mosquitos‘ was the band of Smurfpunx collaborator Frank ‘Drank’ Parewijck (bass/vocals), and his buddies Jean-Claude ‘JC’ Roosen (guitar) & ‘Moiz’ Jean-Yves Bogaert (drums). Being from Aalst and practically always present at Smurfpunx gigs, they played there quite often (e.g. when a band cancelled last-minute).

My review of the tape in Tilt! #4 goes as follows: “Recorded in a garage (!) but the sound isn’t that bad. Fast noise’n’thrash. Luckily all the lyrics are compiled in a booklet [below] (it sounds as if the vocals are mixed in a blender…). If you love total noise with critical lyrics then this is something for you. They’re more original and fun then most noise-bands.”. In 1988 they also released their only 7″ World’s Already Dead!… (5 new tracks)

The guys were also real ‘Ajoinen’ (regional language for ‘onions’, the nickname for inhabitants of Aalst, known for their in/famous carnaval) so from time to time they also played (together with other friends) as the fun-band ‘Pitbull Boys‘… ‘V.M.’ slowly faded out and Frank & JC ended up playing for ‘Pandaz’. In 2015 they teamed up again as ‘Systemkiller’.

Violent Mosquitos''


Violent Mosquitos booklet-coverViolent Mosquitos lyrics (1)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (2)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (3)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (4)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (5)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (6)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (7)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (8)

Violent Mosquitos booklet-cover'Violent Mosquitos info

Violent Mosquitos picsViolent Mosquitos pics'

Stalingrad (UK) demo (1994)


Stalingrad coverStalingrad tracklist(Listen!)

‘Stalingrad’ from Bradford were Rich(ard) Claxton (vocals, synthesizer), Russ Snell (guitar), Mik Allison (drums, R.I.P.) & Justin ‘Sullivan’ Wood (bass). Mik sent me their demo-tape the year before they played at the Vort’n Vis (95-10-14). We exchanged some decent letters after that… Brian Talbot (‘Doom’, etc.) was in the band (on drums) during their ’97 Euro tour. Andy Irvine (Disaffect’) joined the band after Russ left and played on the Abandonnement 10” released by German label Scene Police.

They were considered a ‘hate-core’ band by some. The review I wrote for Tilt! #8 (’95) goes as follows: “Brutal metal-o-core grabbing your throat and shaking you all over. What stays in your head and body quite a while after listening to this, are the extreme anger of the vocalist, the way the bassist seems to thump your bowels instead of his strings and the acid-stings of the guitar. The kind of music Travis Bickle would listen to when he was 18 today.”.

After this tape, they did a split-7” with ‘Voorhees’ (on Jason Kilvington’s label Caught Offside), a self-titled one (on Richard Corbridge’s Armed With Anger) and another split with ‘Underclass’ (with 3 tracks from the demo; on Caught Offside). In ’97 the band released the above-mentioned 10″ and in ’98 the album Patty We Kind Of Missed You On Your Birthday was released on Armed With Anger.

Stalingrad lyrics

Stalingrad insert

Stalingrad sticker

Blindfold (Bel) promo (1992)



The guys gave me this tape when I sat down with them for the interview for Tilt!#7. I knew them quite well because 3 of them were co-volunteers at the Vort’n Vis. I had even been in a band together with Hans (Verbeke): I borrowed him a bass and an amp so he could join ‘Yuppies’Death‘ in ’88. After that he went on to sing for ‘Rise Above’ and then became the guitarist of this band, together with Sacha (Baelen; drums) & Wim (Vandekerckhove; vocals) from Menen – both ex ‘Pietje Roze Konin’ en de Zeven Gèssprietjes’ (Pete the Pink Rabbit & the Seven Grass-blades) – and Jan Maelfait (bass, ex ‘Spirit Of Youth’), from Roeselare.

The tracks on this promo are the same that appeared on the Sober Mind Meditation 7″ that Edward & Jeroen of Warehouse recs released. Musically they combined power and emotion, intimate and touching: “strong, uptempo melodies with a firm lick of crunchy metal”…

Asmodinas Leichenhaus (Ger) demo (1997)


Asmodinas L back(Listen: side A & side B)

Can’t remember anymore if I met ‘A.L.’s drummer Christian when he visited the Vort’n Vis (’95?). He sent me this tape in ‘98 asking for gigs when they were touring with their mates of ‘Hybris’… Him and singer Paddy resided (squatted?) in Kassel (Bauwagenplatz?). ‘Asmodinas Leichenhaus’ (A.’s morgue) played political fast-core/powerviolence/crustpunk; they were: Christian Dreker (drums), Mark Schröder (guitar), ‘Paddynator’ (vocals), Philipp (bass) (people from Kassel/Göttingen). After this tape they did a 7” on Mark’s label Industriefeind recs (1997), a split-7” with ‘Chorea’ (Flowerviolence recs & Industriefeind recs, 1998), and contributed tracks to the Lust Zu Tanzen 7” and the Onslaught 7”.

Asmodinas L lyricsAsmodinas L lyrics'Asmodinas L lyrics''Asmodinas L lyrics'''Asmodinas L lyrics''''Asmodinas L lyrics'''''

Asmodinas L cover

Ananda (Fra) demo (1995)


Ananda cover(Listen!)

‘Ananda’ played at the Vort’n Vis 3 times (95-07-02 / 96-09-22 / 99-08-21). They came from Parisian suburbia. A few months before their first passage they recorded this demo. The line-up was Chrystèle Grall & Jean-Yves André (vocals), Thomas Guillanton (guitar; ex ‘Fingerprint’) & Sylvain Klein (guitar), Jérome ‘Mizou’ Bessout (drums; ex ‘Fingerprint’) and Jérome ‘Gunthar’ Lacombe (bass).

During the summer of 1995 they recorded for the Masqué 10”. Later Stéphane ‘Stu’ Joly (ex ‘Undone’) replaced Sylvain and Michaël Clergeot did vocals in stead of Jean-Yves (after the 10″ and the Habeas Corpus LP); the sound changed “from screamo to heavy gloomy hardcore sludge”.

The tracks Frustrations, Ailleurs, From The Past & Lies also appeared on the 10″. The review of that one (in my zine Tilt! #9) goes: >>This is superb emo where beautiful introspective melodies dance around crunch-metal moshparts…The vocals of Chrystèle & Jean-Yves will comfort, encourage and cheer you up. The lyrics talk about the suffering that can be caused in human relationhips. This gives me goose-bumps!<<

Ananda lyrics

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