Ananda (Fra) demo (1995)


Ananda cover(Listen!)

‘Ananda’ played at the Vort’n Vis 3 times (95-07-02 / 96-09-22 / 99-08-21). They came from Parisian suburbia. A few months before their first passage they recorded this demo. The line-up was Chrystèle Grall & Jean-Yves André (vocals), Thomas Guillanton (guitar; ex ‘Fingerprint’) & Sylvain Klein (guitar), Jérome ‘Mizou’ Bessout (drums; ex ‘Fingerprint’) and Jérome ‘Gunthar’ Lacombe (bass).

During the summer of 1995 they recorded for the Masqué 10”. Later Stéphane ‘Stu’ Joly (ex ‘Undone’) replaced Sylvain and Michaël Clergeot did vocals in stead of Jean-Yves (after the 10″ and the Habeas Corpus LP); the sound changed “from screamo to heavy gloomy hardcore sludge”.

The tracks Frustrations, Ailleurs, From The Past & Lies also appeared on the 10″. The review of that one (in my zine Tilt! #9) goes: >>This is superb emo where beautiful introspective melodies dance around crunch-metal moshparts…The vocals of Chrystèle & Jean-Yves will comfort, encourage and cheer you up. The lyrics talk about the suffering that can be caused in human relationhips. This gives me goose-bumps!<<

Ananda lyrics

Ananda thanks

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