Asmodinas Leichenhaus (Ger) demo (1997)


Asmodinas L back(Listen: side A & side B)

Can’t remember anymore if I met ‘A.L.’s drummer Christian when he visited the Vort’n Vis (’95?). He sent me this tape in ‘98 asking for gigs when they were touring with their mates of ‘Hybris’… Him and singer Paddy resided (squatted?) in Kassel (Bauwagenplatz?). ‘Asmodinas Leichenhaus’ (A.’s morgue) played political fast-core/powerviolence/crustpunk; they were: Christian Dreker (drums), Mark Schröder (guitar), ‘Paddynator’ (vocals), Philipp (bass) (people from Kassel/Göttingen). After this tape they did a 7” on Mark’s label Industriefeind recs (1997), a split-7” with ‘Chorea’ (Flowerviolence recs & Industriefeind recs, 1998), and contributed tracks to the Lust Zu Tanzen 7” and the Onslaught 7”.

Asmodinas L lyricsAsmodinas L lyrics'Asmodinas L lyrics''Asmodinas L lyrics'''Asmodinas L lyrics''''Asmodinas L lyrics'''''

Asmodinas L cover

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