Stalingrad (UK) demo (1994)


Stalingrad coverStalingrad tracklist(Listen!)

‘Stalingrad’ from Bradford were Rich(ard) Claxton (vocals, synthesizer), Russ Snell (guitar), Mik Allison (drums, R.I.P.) & Justin ‘Sullivan’ Wood (bass). Mik sent me their demo-tape the year before they played at the Vort’n Vis (95-10-14). We exchanged some decent letters after that… Brian Talbot (‘Doom’, etc.) was in the band (on drums) during their ’97 Euro tour. Andy Irvine (Disaffect’) joined the band after Russ left and played on the Abandonnement 10” released by German label Scene Police.

They were considered a ‘hate-core’ band by some. The review I wrote for Tilt! #8 (’95) goes as follows: “Brutal metal-o-core grabbing your throat and shaking you all over. What stays in your head and body quite a while after listening to this, are the extreme anger of the vocalist, the way the bassist seems to thump your bowels instead of his strings and the acid-stings of the guitar. The kind of music Travis Bickle would listen to when he was 18 today.”.

After this tape, they did a split-7” with ‘Voorhees’ (on Jason Kilvington’s label Caught Offside), a self-titled one (on Richard Corbridge’s Armed With Anger) and another split with ‘Underclass’ (with 3 tracks from the demo; on Caught Offside). In ’97 the band released the above-mentioned 10″ and in ’98 the album Patty We Kind Of Missed You On Your Birthday was released on Armed With Anger.

Stalingrad lyrics

Stalingrad insert

Stalingrad sticker

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