Violent Mosquitos (Bel) Leads To Disaster; demo (1987)


Violent MosquitosViolent Mosquitos'(Listen: side A & side B)

Violent Mosquitos‘ was the band of Smurfpunx collaborator Frank ‘Drank’ Parewijck (bass/vocals), and his buddies Jean-Claude ‘JC’ Roosen (guitar) & ‘Moiz’ Jean-Yves Bogaert (drums). Being from Aalst and practically always present at Smurfpunx gigs, they played there quite often (e.g. when a band cancelled last-minute).

My review of the tape in Tilt! #4 goes as follows: “Recorded in a garage (!) but the sound isn’t that bad. Fast noise’n’thrash. Luckily all the lyrics are compiled in a booklet [below] (it sounds as if the vocals are mixed in a blender…). If you love total noise with critical lyrics then this is something for you. They’re more original and fun then most noise-bands.”. In 1988 they also released their only 7″ World’s Already Dead!… (5 new tracks)

The guys were also real ‘Ajoinen’ (regional language for ‘onions’, the nickname for inhabitants of Aalst, known for their in/famous carnaval) so from time to time they also played (together with other friends) as the fun-band ‘Pitbull Boys‘… ‘V.M.’ slowly faded out and Frank & JC ended up playing for ‘Pandaz’. In 2015 they teamed up again as ‘Systemkiller’.

Violent Mosquitos''


Violent Mosquitos booklet-coverViolent Mosquitos lyrics (1)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (2)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (3)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (4)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (5)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (6)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (7)Violent Mosquitos lyrics (8)

Violent Mosquitos booklet-cover'Violent Mosquitos info

Violent Mosquitos picsViolent Mosquitos pics'

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