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ALT TC (Gre) Akóma Zontanós; demo (1998)


ALT TC - Akoma Zotanos cover(Listen!)

‘Akóma Zontanós’ (Still Alive) is the second demo of ‘ALT TC’, a band from Kekyra, on the island of Corfu (Greece). They started in 1994 but this tape was sent to my Doros by the late 90s. It was self-recorded in August ‘98. The members of the band were Alexis (drums), Doros Grigoropoulos (bass/vocals), Dimitris (guitar), Spiros (vocals/guitar). They played crusty anarcho-punk with a metal edge & dual angry vocals (political lyrics in Greek). Their first releases (1994-95) were a demo (Koinonía 2000 – Thánatos / Society 2000 – Death) and a 7” (Stóchos Oneiron / Dreams Target). After the above mentioned second tape, they did a split-LP with the French Dijon crusties ‘20 Minutes De Chaos’ (released by Maloka). On the thanks-list of this second demo they mention the squats Villa Amalias in Athens & Villa Varvara in Thessaloniki. Nowadays Doros is doing a psychedelic trance solo-project ‘Full Face’, and he’s a DJ and organises parties.

ALT TC - Akoma ZotanosALT TC - Akoma Zotanos'(lyrics also available, in Greek)


1. Eisagogi/Dimiourgia (Intro/Create)
2. Anthropines Scheseis (Human Relations)
3. Anarchy, Love And Hope
4. Oi Nekroi Paraménoun Nekroi (The Dead Remain Dead)
5. Fovamai (I’m Afraid)
6. Apochi Zois (Abstain Of Life)
7. Gia ‘Sena (For You)
8. Den Ftaio Ego (Not My Fault)
9. Chaire O Chaire Lefteria (Hail To Freedom)
10. Ya Basta

ALT TC Engl lyricsALT TC Engl lyrics'

Do Or Die (Hol) demo (1989)


Do Or Die (cover)(Listen: side A & side B)

December 1988 some of us Smurfpunx  spent some holidays at the Van Hall squat in Amsterdam. That’s where we met some of the women playing in ‘Do Or Die’ (they rehearsed there). They were playing powerful HC/garage-punk. Some of these 4 sympathetic women from Amsterdam were also active in the A’dam scene. An all-female band was not a common thing around that time and Smurfpunx definitely wanted to promote girls/women getting up on stage (although ‘Do Or Die’ absolutely didn’t want any promotion about the fact that they were all of the female sexe). We asked them over for a gig during the summer at ‘our’ pub De Gele Limonade  (89-06-16) and after that at ‘our’ bigger venue Netwerk (89-09-02). In 1990 they recorded their LP Crush And Feel It at Dolf Planteijdt’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf and it was released by Konkurrel. Later they did a CD – Shake The Stars – for GAP recs (’93).

Elian still lives in Amsterdam. Ernie moved to Portugal and plays in ‘Ecowar’ ( Kirsten is an environmental scientist (in the U.S.). Dorien (A’dam) played guitar in ‘Blackheads’ with ‘Betray’s Marc Hanou in the mid-90s, also bass in ‘The SquareHeads’; she’s an expert in African dance.

Do Or Die (photo)Kirsten Romig (vocals), Dorien Chachmany (guitar), Erna (or Ernie; drums) & Elian ‘Liane Vino’ (bass)

Koyaanisqatsi (Ger) Willkommen Im Club Der Kriegstreiber; demo (1998)


Koyaanisqatsi cover

Koyaanisqatsi tapeKoyaanisqatsi tape'(Listen: side A & side B)

No, this is not the 80s Belgian punk-band that Dirk ‘Ear Damage’ used to play for. It’s a German band (originating from Leverkusen) that I was introduced to by a friend who was squatting in Gent and whose band did a gig with them. They played “intelligent, emotional HC/punkrock with intelligent, thoughtful (not stereotypical or hackneyed) and angry lyrics (in German)”; “musically rocking, melodic and diverse, filled with rage, and sometimes melacholic”.

The band consisted of Mitch (drums; RIP 2005), Chris (guitar/vocals) and Henne (bass/vocals; ex ‘Strange Fruit’, later drums for the crust band ‘Ngutukiro’). Besides this demo they did a self-released LP (entitled Lebenszustand Der Geändert Werden Muss – contains some songs from this demo) in 2000, a split -7″ with ‘Kobayashi’ in 2003 and the LP Weiter (2004).

I met these caring, warm-hearted people when they played at the ‘K13’ squat in Gent (99-09-23, together with ‘Panzerkroizer Potemkin’).

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Koyaanisqatsi insertKoyaanisqatsi transKoyaanisqatsi trans'