Do Or Die (Hol) demo (1989)


Do Or Die (cover)(Listen: side A & side B)

December 1988 some of us Smurfpunx  spent some holidays at the Van Hall squat in Amsterdam. That’s where we met some of the women playing in ‘Do Or Die’ (they rehearsed there). They were playing powerful HC/garage-punk. Some of these 4 sympathetic women from Amsterdam were also active in the A’dam scene. An all-female band was not a common thing around that time and Smurfpunx definitely wanted to promote girls/women getting up on stage (although ‘Do Or Die’ absolutely didn’t want any promotion about the fact that they were all of the female sexe). We asked them over for a gig during the summer at ‘our’ pub De Gele Limonade  (89-06-16) and after that at ‘our’ bigger venue Netwerk (89-09-02). In 1990 they recorded their LP Crush And Feel It at Dolf Planteijdt’s Koeienverhuurbedrijf and it was released by Konkurrel. Later they did a CD – Shake The Stars – for GAP recs (’93).

Elian still lives in Amsterdam. Ernie moved to Portugal and plays in ‘Ecowar’ ( Kirsten is an environmental scientist (in the U.S.). Dorien (A’dam) played guitar in ‘Blackheads’ with ‘Betray’s Marc Hanou in the mid-90s, also bass in ‘The SquareHeads’; she’s an expert in African dance.

Do Or Die (photo)Kirsten Romig (vocals), Dorien Chachmany (guitar), Erna (or Ernie; drums) & Elian ‘Liane Vino’ (bass)

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