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Anomie (Fra) demo (1994)


Anomie tape-cover(Listen!)

tracklist: Disharmonie (Disharmony) / Comment Peut-On Parler De Liberté? (How Can We Talk About Freedom?) / Pieds Et Mains Percées (Feet And Hands Pierced) / Enchaîné (Chained) / Affrontement (Confrontation) / Illusion / Folk Song

‘Anomie’, from the Orléans area, played melodic emo-inspired HC with screamed (female) vocals. They were Johnny Vellaine (guitar & vocals), Rémi Chaumet (drums), Kathleen Simonneau (vocals) and Gilles Auvinet (bass & vocals). Kathleen & Gilles (very gentle and intelligent people) released material of interesting bands on their label Ape recs and ran a studio (where a lot of bands from that era – e.g. ‘Undone’, ‘Fingerprint’, ‘Unhinged’, ‘Öpstand’, ‘Alcatraz’ etc. – recorded). They played twice at the Vortn’ Vis (95-07-23 & 96-07-07). After this demo they did a split-LP with the German band ‘Peace Of Mind’, a 7” together with ‘Peu Être’ (emo band from Niort, France) and their last release was a self-titled LP in ’97; they also had some tracks on the Food Not Bombs benefit-compilation… Yann Boislève released their discography in 2001.

Review in Tilt! #8: >>A band that is so much more than just an element in the ’95 French emo-wave. Thriving rhythms, restrained riffs exploding into outbursts of anger and despair, sensitive melo-licks ad up to an exalting unity, able to melt icy hearts and to crack open the shells we bear. The female and male vocalists both give expression to these same emotions but also leave space for hope. Wonderfully beautiful…<<

Anomie booklet coverAnomie booklet lyrics 1Anomie booklet lyrics 2Anomie booklet lyrics 3Anomie booklet lyrics 4Anomie booklet lyrics 5Anomie booklet lyrics 6Anomie booklet lyrics 7

Anomie Ape recs

Black Kronstadt (Can) Crimes Of Capital/Crimes Of The State; demo (1994)


Black Kronstadt coverBlack Kronstadt cover'(Listen: side A & side B)

No idea how I got this tape. Perhaps from my correspondent Rejoice (Flour Power zine)? Someone else? I remember a woman who’ld been in the band’s entourage (Nicki Jordan from Ratbag distro New Zealand?)… Or directly from the band…?

Luke (vocals), Dan Wear (drums; replaced Jason Flower), Dean (bass) & Wolf Edwards (guitar) performed on this tape. In a later stage there was also a violin-player (Genna Pyewacket). Live they often had someone reading poetry (Max Sloan, Sheets Hallway?) with them. This combo (from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada’s west-coast) played anarcho-crust. Most of the tracks on this tape (Tragedy / Law Of The Land / Turning Point  / Power Lies / Low Intensity Conflict / Cyber) also appeared on their first 7″ (with the same title). After this they did another 7″ (A World To Win) and an LP (The Free Spirit).

I reviewed the tape in Tilt! #8: >>Impressive, bone-chilling anarcho-punk reminiscent of ‘Antisect’, ‘Flux Of Pink Indians’, ‘Icons Of Filth’, etc. Lots of power and anger. The vocals vary from narrative to conjuring and biting. Ultrapolitical lyrics from an anarchist point of view. Brilliant material!<<

Wolf’s new band = ‘Iskra

Black Kronstadt lyricsBlack Kronstadt insert

>>Maja De Brij<< (Bel) compilation (1985)


Maja De Brij cover

Maja De Brij content

(Dick Hermans was the editor of Doodtschreiver fanzine)

(thanks to Dirk Ceustermans for editing)

(click on the band’s name to listen to the tracks)

No Numbers (Tielt): Danny De Coninck (vocals), Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren (guitar), Kris Vereecke (bass) – Stinky was replaced by Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt [in beginning they had a 2nd guitarist named Billy] * 1983-8? * Where Do We Go from Here? demo (1985)

Bad Preachers (Jette/Brussels): ‘Nick’ Nico Cops (drums), Geert Declercq (guitar; R.I.P.), Jan Noyen (guitar), Erwin Claes (vocals)

Verdomde Idioten (Antwerpen): Sven Claesens (drums; replaced Ronny), Walter De Bie (bass & vocals), Karl Nahm (guitar), Gino (guitar) * 1984-87

Vortex (Charleroi): Marco Hinic (guitar; Eric on the 2nd LP), Vincent ‘Fax’ Delcorde (drums; R.I.P.), Thierry ‘Steve’ (vocals), J.R. (bass, Bernard ‘Rork’ on the 2nd LP) * 1981-20?? * split-LP with ‘No Debt’ (Punk Etc. 1986) – Le Clan Des Chaotiques LP (Strike recs 1988) – Vive La Liberté LP (Strike recs 1990)

Deviant Gedrag (Ternat/Herzele): Dirk Jans (drums), Danny (vocals), Iz(z)y (guitar), Jo (bass) * Yeah Really tape 1986

Sponky Business (Brugge): ‘Friete’ (vocals), Francis ‘Sissen’ Vandenbroele (guitar), ‘Mikn’ (drums), Gunnar Geldhof (bass; R.I.P.) * So What…?! ‎LP (Monopole 1986)

Wasted Life (Veldegem): Filip Devolder (bass/guitar; later ‘Silent Water’ and ‘Nations On Fire’), Benny Maes (guitar/bass), Mieke Devlieger (vocals), John Vandaele (drums)

Capital Scum (Scherpenheuvel): Peter ‘Pies’ Laeremans (replaced by ‘Vark’ for a while; vocals), Paul ‘Larrie’ Laeremans (guitar), Gunther, replaced by Jurgen ‘Jurgenowski’ Surinx (bass), ‘Sox’ (drums) * Clutch The Flag EP (Hageland recs 1985) – Tsjerno Kills LP (Hageland recs 1987) – Freakshow EP (RocknRollRadio 2003)

Dirty Scums (Zwevezele/Tielt): Bart ‘Pik’ D’Ooghe (guitar & vocals), Jan ‘Zjantie’ Den Baes (drums), Chris ‘Jenz’ Lannoo, later replaced by Tom ‘Keez’ De Kesel (bass) [There was a female singer, Clo, for a little while in 83-84; check their website]

Zyklon-B (Kortrijk): Edward ‘Cinq’ Verhaeghe (vocals; later ‘Midnight Men’, ‘Rise Above’, ‘Nations On Fire’), ‘Lou King’ (keyboards/bass/vocals), ‘Andrew Insane’ (guitar/drums/vocals) * Greatest Hits (1986)


Maja De Brij - booklet frontMaja De Brij - booklet introMaja De Brij - Bad Pr intMaja De Brij - Bad Pr int'Maja De Brij - Bad Pr lyrMaja De Brij - Bad Pr picMaja De Brij - Capital SMaja De Brij - Capital S'Maja De Brij - Capital S''Maja De Brij - DeviantMaja De Brij - Deviant'Maja De Brij - Deviant''Maja De Brij - DirtyMaja De Brij - Dirty'Maja De Brij - NNMaja De Brij - NN'Maja De Brij - NN''Maja De Brij - SponkyMaja De Brij - VerdomdeMaja De Brij - Verdomde'Maja De Brij - VortexMaja De Brij - Vortex'Maja De Brij - Vortex''Maja De Brij - Wasted Life introMaja De Brij - Wasted Life lyrMaja De Brij - ZyklonMaja De Brij - Zyklon'

No Numbers (Bel) Where Do We Go from Here?; demo (1985)


No Numbers(Listen: side A & side B)

Tielt (my hometown), first half of the 80s… Trying to form a band, and in the mean time hang out at the local pub/venue De Marbel with fellow punx ‘Dirty Scums’ & ‘No Numbers’… The first line-up of ‘N.N.’ was: Danny De Coninck (vocals), Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren (guitar) & Kris Vereecke (bass). They also had a 2nd guitarist named ‘Billy’ (Lieven Vanoverbeke) for a while. ‘Stinky’ got involved trying to help start my own band ‘Repulsives’; eventually he quit ‘N.N.’ and joined us. He was replaced by Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt, who played on the tape (recorded 85-11-11 in someone’s loft, Veurne).

They were influenced by various bands from that era, playing Oi (‘Sham 69’) & anarchopunk (‘Flux Of Pink Indians’, ‘Anti-System’, ‘Crass’, …). The demo has 19 songs – 13 tracks appeared on a double-CD (with material by the ‘Dirty Scums’, ‘Repulsives’ and ‘Get Stuffed’), released by ‘Dirty Pik’.

side A: Animals / Neutron Bomb / God & Violence / Outlaw / Going Home / Bitch / Hungry For Love / Poor Old Johnny / Someone I Could Trust / Wasted People / Peace And Freedom
side B: The True Story / Army It’s A Crime / America / Reality / Vivisection / Wild Thing / Depression / Human Life

No Numbers (A)No Numbers (B)

No Numbers promo'

83-11-11 No Numbers (Bevrijd Podium De Marbel)83-11-11 ‘No Numbers’ @ De Marbel (Tielt); seminal line-up (Kris – Lompie – Billy – Danny – Stinky)

‘No Numbers’ (Lompie – Dan – Stinky – Kris) live @ De Marbel (Tielt) – pics courtsey of Christine Huys:

No Numbers LompieNo Numbers DanNo Numbers StinkyNo Numbers Chris