No Numbers (Bel) Where Do We Go from Here?; demo (1985)


No Numbers(Listen: side A & side B)

Tielt (my hometown), first half of the 80s… Trying to form a band, and in the mean time hang out at the local pub/venue De Marbel with fellow punx ‘Dirty Scums’ & ‘No Numbers’… The first line-up of ‘N.N.’ was: Danny De Coninck (vocals), Stefaan ‘Lompie’ De Coninck (drums), Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren (guitar) & Kris Vereecke (bass). They also had a 2nd guitarist named ‘Billy’ (Lieven Vanoverbeke) for a while. ‘Stinky’ got involved trying to help start my own band ‘Repulsives’; eventually he quit ‘N.N.’ and joined us. He was replaced by Koen ‘Scampie’ Vercampt, who played on the tape (recorded 85-11-11 in someone’s loft, Veurne).

They were influenced by various bands from that era, playing Oi (‘Sham 69’) & anarchopunk (‘Flux Of Pink Indians’, ‘Anti-System’, ‘Crass’, …). The demo has 19 songs – 13 tracks appeared on a double-CD (with material by the ‘Dirty Scums’, ‘Repulsives’ and ‘Get Stuffed’), released by ‘Dirty Pik’.

side A: Animals / Neutron Bomb / God & Violence / Outlaw / Going Home / Bitch / Hungry For Love / Poor Old Johnny / Someone I Could Trust / Wasted People / Peace And Freedom
side B: The True Story / Army It’s A Crime / America / Reality / Vivisection / Wild Thing / Depression / Human Life

No Numbers (A)No Numbers (B)

No Numbers promo'

83-11-11 No Numbers (Bevrijd Podium De Marbel)83-11-11 ‘No Numbers’ @ De Marbel (Tielt); seminal line-up (Kris – Lompie – Billy – Danny – Stinky)

‘No Numbers’ (Lompie – Dan – Stinky – Kris) live @ De Marbel (Tielt) – pics courtsey of Christine Huys:

No Numbers LompieNo Numbers DanNo Numbers StinkyNo Numbers Chris

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