Black Kronstadt (Can) Crimes Of Capital/Crimes Of The State; demo (1994)


Black Kronstadt coverBlack Kronstadt cover'(Listen: side A & side B)

No idea how I got this tape. Perhaps from my correspondent Rejoice (Flour Power zine)? Someone else? I remember a woman who’ld been in the band’s entourage (Nicki Jordan from Ratbag distro New Zealand?)… Or directly from the band…?

Luke (vocals), Dan Wear (drums; replaced Jason Flower), Dean (bass) & Wolf Edwards (guitar) performed on this tape. In a later stage there was also a violin-player (Genna Pyewacket). Live they often had someone reading poetry (Max Sloan, Sheets Hallway?) with them. This combo (from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada’s west-coast) played anarcho-crust. Most of the tracks on this tape (Tragedy / Law Of The Land / Turning Point  / Power Lies / Low Intensity Conflict / Cyber) also appeared on their first 7″ (with the same title). After this they did another 7″ (A World To Win) and an LP (The Free Spirit).

I reviewed the tape in Tilt! #8: >>Impressive, bone-chilling anarcho-punk reminiscent of ‘Antisect’, ‘Flux Of Pink Indians’, ‘Icons Of Filth’, etc. Lots of power and anger. The vocals vary from narrative to conjuring and biting. Ultrapolitical lyrics from an anarchist point of view. Brilliant material!<<

Wolf’s new band = ‘Iskra

Black Kronstadt lyricsBlack Kronstadt insert

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