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Because (Lux) Some More Ugly Puke Stories; tape (1993)


Because infoBecause info'

Side A: I Hate To Admit / Bulldozer Generation / The Factory / Love / The Fascist Inside Me

Side B: Brutal ½ / HLM / Lovething / At A Gig / Dummy

‘Because’ was a (rather short-lived) band with my friends Michèle Marnach (vocals) & ‘Brego’ Marc Bregoli (bass), and their mates ‘Gull’ Alain Gouleven (guitar; later ‘D’Rotzbouwen’) & Thierry Thill (drums). Michèle & Brego were a couple at that time; they also did the zine Persons Unknown, and put out a compilation-tape (Deny Tradition). The band played at the autonomous centre Vort’n Vis (93-09-18).

Review in Tilt! #8: >>Varied HC with surprising tempo-changes, melody and enough power to get you on your feet. Strong female vocals to boot. Great DIY ‘product’ provided with a leaflet with intelligent and insightful lyrics (child-abuse, macho-ism, sexism, hypocrisy in the scene, knowing yourself, …) and some thoughtprovoking drawings.<<

Because lyrics 1Because lyrics 2

Ironside (UK) Neutered Innocence; tape (1992)


[suggestion and tape-provider: Vik Bulik]

Ironside cover(Listen!)

‘Ironside’ was a “vegan sXe metalcore” outfit from Bradford. Nick Royles (drums; ex ‘Sore Throat’ & ‘No Way Out’) was in the band; along with Andrew Wright (guitar; later in ‘Unborn’ & ‘Voorhees’; R.I.P.), Doug(las) Dalziel (bass), Tom Chapman (guitar; later in ‘Kito’, ‘Baby Harp Seal’, etc.) and Richard ‘Rich’ Armitage (vocals; later in ‘Voorhees’). Nick released this tape on his label, Sure Hand recs. There was a review in his zine How We Rock (#6): >>Crap; should never have been released. sXe moshcore with ape-like vocals.<< They also contributed a track to (Armed With Anger) Rich Corbridge’s Consolidation compilation.

In 1993 they recorded for a 7″ entitled Fragments Of The Last Judgement (on Ian Simpson/ Helene Keller’s Subjugation recs). They did slow, chugging metal with deep vocals and “no recognizable straight-edge lyrics” (Rich’s words)… Some of the guys in the band started eating meat and were no longer sXe. Nick left (not because of that) and he formed ‘Unborn’ & ‘Cracked Cop Skulls’ (the latter with ‘Ripcord’s Jim Whitely), and was replaced by ‘Rich Militia’ (‘Sore Throat’/’Solstice’) and later Shaun (Taylor-)Steels (drums; later in ‘My Dying Bride’, ‘Solstice’ & ‘Anathema’). James Rushby (later ‘Geriatric Unit’, ‘Hard To Swallow’, etc.) & Clive Hughes were the new guitarists.

The 7″ Damn Your Blooded Eyes was recorded in April ‘94 (“In a studio where a lot of the northern doom-metal bands redcorded”) and came out out on the German label Stormstrike recs (ran by Johannes Schrammel).

They played the Vort’n Vis twice (92-09-05 & 94-07-10).


If people are told that a band is vegan sXe then they expect all the members to be vegan but 2 were veggie, 3 were vegan.

Rushby and Doug were later in ‘Iron Monkey’…

Nick Royles

Ironside lyrics

Ironside pic

Rezim (Pol) tape (1992)



Side A: Introduction / Wojna (War) / Religia (Religion) / Oni (Them) / Obudźcie Się! (Wake Up!) / Na Barykady (On The Barricades) / Do Przyjaciół Czerwonych? (To the Friends of Red?)

Side B: HC Punk Przeciwko Rządowi (HC Punk Against Government) / Świnie (Pigs) / Upadek Człowieczenstwa (Fall Of Humanity) / To Wasza Zasługa (This Is Your Merit) / Gestapo / Rezim (Regime)

‘Rezim’ were a HC band from Zlotów (north of Poznan) with Piotr ‘Misiu’ Michas (bass; late in ‘Schizma), Tomek ‘Sypa’ Sypniewski (drums), Piotr ‘Skoda’ Skotnicki (guitar; also in ‘Włochaty’) and Darek/Dariusz ‘Czacha’ Wesoly (vocals). This their first tape (self-released) – probably sent for review of to get a gig (they played the Vort’n Vis 93-12-30) – was followed by a second one in ’95.

From the review in Tilt! #8: >>Extremely powerful and fast HC with raging guitarplaying and tight drumming; some soothing breaks make it a bit more ‘bearable’. Live they made me think of ‘Poison Idea’ (maybe because of the covers)…<<


‘Rezim’ was the band which outlined the way of playing of other HC/punk bands from Poland at that time. We were mixing hardcore with crossover but it was based on traditional punk-rock. ‘Rezim’ was an underground band, radical and not making compromises, with very anti-political lyrics. In the days of communism (80s) in Poland, ‘Rezim’ couldn’t play legally; the band couldn’t become popular, even in the punk-rock scene! But it became a legend for HC/punk people in our region.