Rezim (Pol) tape (1992)



Side A: Introduction / Wojna (War) / Religia (Religion) / Oni (Them) / Obudźcie Się! (Wake Up!) / Na Barykady (On The Barricades) / Do Przyjaciół Czerwonych? (To the Friends of Red?)

Side B: HC Punk Przeciwko Rządowi (HC Punk Against Government) / Świnie (Pigs) / Upadek Człowieczenstwa (Fall Of Humanity) / To Wasza Zasługa (This Is Your Merit) / Gestapo / Rezim (Regime)

‘Rezim’ were a HC band from Zlotów (north of Poznan) with Piotr ‘Misiu’ Michas (bass; late in ‘Schizma), Tomek ‘Sypa’ Sypniewski (drums), Piotr ‘Skoda’ Skotnicki (guitar; also in ‘Włochaty’) and Darek/Dariusz ‘Czacha’ Wesoly (vocals). This their first tape (self-released) – probably sent for review of to get a gig (they played the Vort’n Vis 93-12-30) – was followed by a second one in ’95.

From the review in Tilt! #8: >>Extremely powerful and fast HC with raging guitarplaying and tight drumming; some soothing breaks make it a bit more ‘bearable’. Live they made me think of ‘Poison Idea’ (maybe because of the covers)…<<


‘Rezim’ was the band which outlined the way of playing of other HC/punk bands from Poland at that time. We were mixing hardcore with crossover but it was based on traditional punk-rock. ‘Rezim’ was an underground band, radical and not making compromises, with very anti-political lyrics. In the days of communism (80s) in Poland, ‘Rezim’ couldn’t play legally; the band couldn’t become popular, even in the punk-rock scene! But it became a legend for HC/punk people in our region.



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