Because (Lux) Some More Ugly Puke Stories; tape (1993)


Because infoBecause info'

Side A: I Hate To Admit / Bulldozer Generation / The Factory / Love / The Fascist Inside Me

Side B: Brutal ½ / HLM / Lovething / At A Gig / Dummy

‘Because’ was a (rather short-lived) band with my friends Michèle Marnach (vocals) & ‘Brego’ Marc Bregoli (bass), and their mates ‘Gull’ Alain Gouleven (guitar; later ‘D’Rotzbouwen’) & Thierry Thill (drums). Michèle & Brego were a couple at that time; they also did the zine Persons Unknown, and put out a compilation-tape (Deny Tradition). The band played at the autonomous centre Vort’n Vis (93-09-18).

Review in Tilt! #8: >>Varied HC with surprising tempo-changes, melody and enough power to get you on your feet. Strong female vocals to boot. Great DIY ‘product’ provided with a leaflet with intelligent and insightful lyrics (child-abuse, macho-ism, sexism, hypocrisy in the scene, knowing yourself, …) and some thoughtprovoking drawings.<<

Because lyrics 1Because lyrics 2

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  1. Wow, I remember that this was my very first band at the age of 16, I was a crappy drummer but I liked noise-rock. I could improve through this line-up. We even played a show in Ieper if i recall well with ‘Oi Polloi’. I hate to admit I was very nervous and very drunk after the show but still no regrets.


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