Exhaustless Revolt (Bel) Think Now; tape (1990)


Exhaustless Revolt coverSide ASide B

Exhaustless Revolt tracks‘Exhaustless Revolt’ (from Antwerp) were Filip Staes (guitar & vocals), Sven Bossant (drums) and Ivan Mariën (bass & vocals). Their big example seemed to be ‘Seein’Red’: Filip (who helped out with Anneke Schuurman’s Puffy ‘zine) also emphasized socialism/communism, anti-fascism in his lyrics… They played “Hardcore with brains”. Filip & Ivan also called themselves sXe. Before this second demo, they did one entitled In Unity Lies Strength. They also appeared on a few compilation-tapes. There was talk of a split-7″ with the Antwerp band ‘Comrade’ but that never happened… Joris De Buysser (Bonds Of Friendship zine, Conspiracy records) did some ‘guest vocals’ during ‘E.R.’ gigs in a later stage.

From my review in Tilt! #6: >>This tape suffers a bit from the weak production… Anyway, they’re creative in what they do. Their music is straightforward posi HC with some nice breaks and a few cathy riffs.<<

Exhaustless Revolt lyrics

Exhaustless Revolt fotos

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