Assassins Of God (USA) promo (1991)


Assassins Of God coverSide ASide B

Assassins Of God tracksAssassins Of God tracks'

Spring ’91 our Smurfpunx collective organised its last concert. We’d started to loose too much money… [read: 91-05-04] We’d never had to inform a tour-promotor that a gig was cancelled but we had to do that 91-05-25… ‘Zündi’ (Michael Laszlo of Bonzen recs & zine) & Ute (Füsgen, later Mad Booking) from Berlin, who were doing the tour for ‘Assassins Of God’ weren’t very glad and until today I feel uncomfortable with that. I didn’t wanna give up and wanted to see/hear the band live but…

This tape here was a promo for that tour. ‘Assassins Of God’ had already released the LP The Jupiter Ox Revealed (with Buddy Saleman – bass & vocals, Bruce Ducheneaux – drums, Kenny Kearney – guitar & vocals) on Bonzen recs and the songs here are from Black Tongue Speaks Vol I (same label; with bassist Ellen Schoenwetter).

Their music reminded me of ‘Victims Family’ (and sometimes ‘Rich Kids On LSD’); it was often dubbed jazzcore, others decribed it as “rocking progpunkthrash”. Sure thing: they were skilled musicians. In Tilt! #5 I reviewed their 1st album, referring to their stylistical diversity, the rhythm-changes and the surrealist lyrics.

Assassins Of God promo

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