Cathode (Hol) demo (2001)


Cathode cover(Listen!)

tracks: Vernal Desire / Sincere Lifetime / Stranglehold / Steeped In Conviction

‘Cathode’ was a screamo HC band from Rijssen (The Netherlands) with my correspondent Mark van de Maat (vocals), and Daan Jansen (guitar), Ed(win) van Vliet (bass), Nico Nijland (guitar) & Will(iam) te Morsche (drums). He probably gave/sent me this demo (recorded 2001) as introduction for gigs. Later (2003) they did a self-released LP (that was put on a CD – out on the Brazilian label Usina De Sangue – and on tape by Insane Society from the Czech republic) entitled …A Machine That Never Falters (the music there was compared with ‘Catharsis’), and a split-7” with Sick Terror (2004).

Nico and Mark quit in 2004-05. Marcel van Losser took over vocals and Thale Roosien started playing guitar. Later on Nico ended up playing for ‘Kriegstanz’ (with Jos Houtveen of ‘Seein’Red’, Edo Schreuders & Thale Roosien of ‘The Barnhouse Effect’ and Rogier ‘Betercore’). Nowadays Mark runs the Knekelhuis label (industrial, synth, wave – together with Ron van de Kerkhof; it’s also an agency run by Thijs Hoebers) and does the vocals for ‘Black Decades’ with Will (ex ‘Cathode’), Thale Roosien & Marcel van Losser.

Cathode lyrics

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