Tropel Nat (Spa) demo (1989)


Tropel Nat letteringSide ASide B

(A) Tú Frente a Ti (You Against You) / La Lejanía No Existe (Distance Doesn’t Exist) / Me Gusta Oir Tu Voz (I Love To Hear Your Voice / Como Mínimo (At Least) / Try To No Fall

(B) Mi Propio Temor (My Own Fear) / Lo Mismo (The Same) / Música (Music) / Horas Congeladas (Frozen Hours) / Fresas (Strawberries) / Sólo y Plenamente Eso (Only and Completely This)

After having met Semolina (Julijana Tomic), a professional dancer from Barcelona, at Van Hall (see: Smurfpunx @ Van Hall, Amsterdam), her friend ‘Boliche’ wrote me asking for a gig for his band ‘Tropel Nat’ and send this tape. Can ‘t remember why a show didn’t work out but eventually he played here with his other band ‘Subterranean Kids’ (90-03-31)…

Tropel Nat intro (-)

‘Tropel Nat’ consisted of ‘Boliche’ Carlos Antonio Buira Monferrer (drums), Marc Petit (vocals, ex ‘AntiDogmatikss’), Enric Granollers (guitar, ex ‘Acció Directa’) & Kio Aubà  (bass). Late ’89 Alfred (ex ‘Corn Flakes’) replaced Marc; he sang on Vivir(LP ’92).

Here’s some history ‘Boliche’ wrote:

>> TROPEL NAT started by the end of 1986. Enric, guitar in ‘Accio Directa’ at that time and Bolo, also drummer in ‘Subterranean Kids’, came up with the idea and contacted the others members. Marc, the singer – used to play in ‘Anti-dogmatikss’ for a short while – and Kio, the bass-player. The initial idea was to play savagery with a metallic sound. At that time we were significantly influenced by early ‘D.R.I.’, ‘Septic Death’ & ‘Suicidal Tendencies’ (among others) and that inspired us to get started. The main feature of ‘Tropel Nat’ is the personal cross-over between hardcore-punk and metal, loud instruments and melodic vocals, often with a more relaxed tempo. We gave away the 11 track demo (recorded in 1989) when people bought a T-shirt. We used to play in Catalonia but also in Euskadi, the Basque Country (thanks to the generous help of Javi of Basati Diskak recs [San Sebastian; wild albums, in Basque] and Destruye zine). Petra Ostertag [used to book gigs; nowadays married to David Pollack of Destiny recs] from Berlin also managed to set up a tour in 1989 (one month in Germany and the Netherlands). It was then that Marc realised he couldn’t continue singing at that pace and decided to leave the band. We did our last concert together at the Sala KGB in Barcelona (September 28th, 1989). Our second line-up was with Alfred who used to sing for ‘Corn Flakes’ . By the end of 1991 we could combine a tour with the recording of an album in Switzerland. We played during the weekend and got into the studio during the week. The result was the release of Vivir on the label Momentos Trashicos (in 1992). ‘Tropel Nat’ did some more concerts again after the record but the band split because of personal reasons . Again our last concert was at the KGB on May 23rd, 1992. <<

The lyrics were quite personal, difficult to translate. The words to Try To No Fall are written by Semolina. ‘Tropel Nat’ is a mix of 2 different words: >Tropel< is a large group of people, animals or things that move quickly, violently, noisy and messy. >Nat< means born, in Catalan language. The name was chosen more for the sound, rather than for any meaning.

Tropel Nat live pic''

Tropel Nat pose

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