Inkisiçao (Por) Alternativa; demo (1992)


Inkisiçao cover(Listen!)

Inkisiçao trackstracks: Alternativa (Alternative) / Porcos Fascistas (Fascist Pigs) / Destruir Por Lucro (Destroy For Profit) / Marginais (Marginal) / Criança Infeliz (Unhappy Child) / Foge Que Te Fodo! (instrumental) / H.M.O.R. / Let’s Lynch The Landlord (‘Dead Kennedys’ cover) / Guerra Nao Obrigado! (War No Thank You!)

When ‘Inkisição’ (from Aveiro) played the Vort’n Vis (94-09-17); I got to know them personally and got befriended with both Rui (he distributed DIY tapes & vinyl, and did a zine, Diabo No Corpo) and their new singer Helena ‘Lena’ Paula Burbuleta. We corresponded and later I interviewed her for the Women in HC piece in my zine Tilt!. At this gig the others were Miguel (vocals, ex ‘Arrghh!’), Rui Maia (drums; Helena’s boyfriend, later husband), Píncaro (guitar; originally bassist) and Sérgio (bass). A while after the latter 2 died in a car-crash (Summer of 1995), Lena, Miguel & Rui formed ‘Intervenzione’.

The recordings of this demo were done before Helena had joined (that was in late ’93 – see interview) the band. Playing on the demo was the first stable line-up with Rui Maia on drums (founder of the band in the late 80s), guitarists Oliveira & Zé Vilao (the latter also singing, in Portugese) and Píncaro on bass. Review in Tilt! #7: >>Uptempo to fast straightforward but tuneful HC with lots of energy. Dual guitars and rock-bits. Very good! << The same tracks were on a split-tape with the Turkish band ‘Turmoil’ that Pablo of Resistance Productions made.

As for other releases: Slime recs released a split-CD with ‘X-Acto’ in ’93 and Ataque Sonoro (new name for Slime recs) a split-7″ with ‘Battle Of Disarm’ (’95). Some live recordings (Coimbra, Portugal, 1994) appeared on split-tape that Rui did on his tape-label D.N.C.). They also had a track on a compilation-EP with other Portugese bands, entitled Week-End Au Portugal (released by the French label Protesta & Euthanasie). There’s also a live-tape from their show with ‘The Offspring’ (@ Lintfabriek, Kontich, Belgium, 94-09-09)…

Inkisiçao lyrics

Inkisiçao historyInkisiçao thanks

Inkisiçao drawing

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