Rawness (Fra) demo (1994)


Rawness cover x-Rawness tracksSide ASide B

‘Rawness’ played catchy melodic HC-punk. Some dubbed it “NYHC-influenced” (?!)… They were from the region between Dijon and Lyon: Jean-Marc Moratille (drums & vocals; ex ‘Blighted Area’ – he also did/does the JoliCoeur & Pay No More Than blogs), Michael (bass), Lamy Fumex (guitar & vocals; also ‘Thalidomide’) and Lionel Coing (vocals). Lionel send me this tape as a promo to get a gig. They did a split with ‘Personal Choice’ on Yann Boislève’s label in 1995. That CD shared some of the demo-tracks but they were from another recording-session. Maloka (an anarcho-punk collective from Dijon) also did a 7″ for them in 1998. The band played the Vort’n Vis on 95-09-16.

My review of the tape (Tilt! #8): >> Pretty energizing, thrashy HC; fast and aiming for the guts, with a firm chunk of mosh every now and then. Way about average! <<

Rawness lyricsRawness lyrics'

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