>>Oorlogstuig!<< (Bel) compilation (1988)


Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) cover

This was a benefit-tape for 2 guys (Jaak DC & Patrick H) who were ‘total-refusers’ (objecting to do military service, as well as civil service). People like them were facing jail-sentences and/or had to flee out of the country. Oorlogstuig! is a play on words and means ‘war-mongering scum’, and ‘weapons, ammunition and related equipment intended for war’. “Militarism Murders”… It was compiled by Bart Schoofs (at that time singer of ‘Taartje Aardbei’ and editor of Kwalpol zine). Our Smurfpunx-collective also organised a benefit-concert for the ‘V.I.A. Fonds’, an organisation set up to raise money in support for total-refusers…

Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) info

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Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) tracks

Bad Influence (Antwerp, Bel): Herwin De Winter & Chris(tel) Joosen (vocals), Joris Rombouts (drums), Bart Belmans (guitar), Danny Van Honsté (bass). [Herwin: “The song The Way I Feel has never been released anywhere else.”]

Deadly Serious (Helchteren, Bel): Steven ‘Swat’ Schepers, ‘Veld’ (drums; but here TR505) & Mark Thijs (bass).

Indecency (Brussels, Bel): Filip ‘Boule’ Burgelman (bass), Onno Hesselink (guitar), Dirk  Jans (drums), Chris Dexters (vocals) [In the very beginning they were called ‘Hyperactive Children’ and Kockie was singing… They went on as ‘5Les’ with Fons Ceuppens as vocalist. The tracks here were from thir gig on 87-09-19].

Instigators (Huddersfield, UK): Andy ‘Tez’ Turner (vocals), Simon Mooney (guitar), Steve ‘Cuzzy’ Curran, Andy (Andrew) ‘Trimble’ Turnbull (bass).

Kikkerspuug (Utrecht, Ned): Rob van Aller (guitar), Jerry van der Valk (drums), Jos / Frank Roemer (bass), Thomas van Straten (vocals).

Mulligrubs (Dilbeek, Bel): Frank Geeraert (guitar/vocals; plays in ‘Stiller‘ nowadays) [editor of Zin van de Onzin zine], Michel Walgraeve (bass), ? (drums)

No Fraud (Venice, Florida, USA): Dan ‘Destructo’ (vocals), Terry Huber (guitar), Jason ‘Buzz’ Cockrill (bass), Mike Shenkin (drums).

Political Asylum (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK): Ramsey Kanaan (vocals) Stephen (guitar), Keith Burns (drums), Ewan Hunt (bass).

President Fetch (Kopenhagen, Den): Anderz Nielsen (bass), Chris ‘Ant’ Juris (vocals), Per Eriksen (guitar), Martin Larsen (drums).

Scoundrels (Wernhout, Ned): Patrick DeLabie (vocals/guitar), Frank de Hoon (bass), Luc Proost (guitar), Geert ‘Bootsie’ Budts (drums).

Ultimate Sabotage (Nijmegen, Ned): Andre Bentlage (guitar; R.I.P.), Isabelle (vocals), ‘Loony’ (bass), ‘Chaos’ (drums; R.I.P.).

Vernon Walters (Hoorn, Ned): Joost Warnik (bass), Niels de Wit (guitar), Danny Schouten (drums), Hans Engel (vocals/guitar). [Niels: “Fast Cars was an out-take of the 1st LP.”]

W.C.F. (Winterwijk, Ned): Victor van Bruggen (vocals), Ronald Hogeboom (guitar), Lambert ‘Lampie’ van Druenen (drums), Harm Kortschoot (bass).

Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) contacts

Totaalweigeren (benefiet Bart Schoofs) thx

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