Dawn Of Liberty (Bel) live (Aalst, Bel, 87-07-05)


DOL live Aalst

Anarcho-punx ‘Astrant’ changed their name into ‘Dawn Of Liberty’ in 1986 (read the interview I did in Tilt! #2). After their first gig for the Smurfpunx collective they added a second guitarist. These live recordings are from their second passage (87-07-05) – they did 4 shows @ Netwerk in Aalst. The band was ‘Tweeva’ Luc Deckers (bass), Danny Vandevelde (guitar), Stefan Joosten (vocals), ‘Fritz’ Danny Brebels (guitar) & Stijn Persoons (drums). They did a 7″, entitled In Honour And Defense Of Mother Earth – To Hurt Her Is To Hurt Us, on Kurt Horemans’ label Hurry recs (’89); and had a few tracks on compilation-tapes & -albums (e.g. Peaceville’s A Vile Peace, Nabate’s Exclusion)…

DOL live cover

DOL live tracksSide ASide B

DOL live lyrics

Dawn Of Liberty pose87-08-16 Dawn Of Liberty (1000 A)'''' (-)‘Dawn Of Liberty’; live @ 1000 Appeltjes, Antwerp, 87-08-16


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