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Malva (Ger) demo (1994)


Malva coverMalva tracks(Listen!)

‘Malva’ were an emo-core band from Leverkusen with Christian Schneider (guitar), Alex(ander) Bokelmann (drums), Flo(rian) Reiss (guitar), Martino Palazzo (vocals) and Alex(ander) Jahn (bass). I think Christian probably sent me this to introduce themselves, trying to persuade me to do a gig at the Vort’n Vis. I quite liked it – review in Tilt! #8: >>Sensitive emo-core to dream away with, cry by, scream out loud or just let go. Fragile bits alternated with thriving rockery parts and angry outburts. Reminds of ‘Fingerprint’ & ‘Policy Of 3’. Music that affects people…<< – and invited them over (94-11-05); that was the start of a few gigs in Flanders the next years. As far as I know, the only track on this tape that appeared elsewhere, is Deus Ex Machina (on the Ambala 7″ compilation). Later (’96) the 7” Das Leben Ist Kein Picknick was released on Equality recs (3 new tracks).

Malva x

Spitboy (USA) live (Nagold, Ger, 93-04)


Spitboy logo


1. (intro) / 2. Seriously / 3. Removal / 4. Motivated By Fear / 5. Right / 6. Word Problems / 7. The Threat / 8. In Tradition / 9. Violent Tongue / 10. In Your Face / 11. (crowd noise) / 12. Sexism Impressed / 13. Ultimate Violations / 14. True Self Revealed

(no idea who recorded this, the tape was an ‘orphan’ on the www without any info so I decided to give this the attention it deserves… The women of ‘Spitboy’ played this gig with ‘Fingerprint’ from France.)

‘Spitboy’ was an all-female political HC band from the San Francisco Bay Area. During their 1993 European tour the people in the band were  Adrienne Droogas (vocals; nowadays Mrs Stone), Karin Gembus (guitar), Paula Hibbs-Rines (bass; later replaced by Dominique ‘Nikki’ Davison) and Michelle ‘Todd’ Gonzales (drums). At that time they had a self-titled 7” out on Lawrence Livermore’s Lookout! Recs (’92) and an LP (True Self Revealed) on Kent McClard’s Ebullition recs (’93).

Vique ‘Simba’ Martin did an interview before this tour (read). 93-05-01 they also did a show at our autonomous centre Vort’n Vis. ‘Spitboy’s performance there was video-taped.


I thought it was super cool that Adrienne sings her part on In Your Face in German, while I sang my part just behind her in English. She had to practice that a bunch!

Michelle ‘Todd’ Gonzales

[read more on Spitboy’s European tour on Michelle’s blog: part I & part II]

I have no flyer or anything from this show. But I remember that we had drawn a huge banner (2×4 meter) with the ‘Spitboy’ logo hanging on a wall next to the youthcentre, to promote the concert…

Armin Hofmann (X-Mist recs)

Spitboy Nagold, 93 - Adrienne'Adrienne in Nagold (source unknown)

93-05-xx Spitboy in EnglandSpitboy (‘Todd’, Karin, Adrienne, Paula) in Europe 1993

Spitboy Nagold, 93 - crowd (-)crowdshot in Nagold, by Robert Neumann

Recusant (UK) tape (1994)


Recusant - HeadacheThese are the tracks of ‘Recusant’ on this split-tape with ‘Headache

Recusant tracks(Listen!)

I believe this was a gift when I was trying to find ‘Recusant (residing in Bradford) a few gigs. Florian & Angela stayed in Dunkerque (at Karl Penando & Agnes’ place) so they came over to the V.V. in Ypres from time to time. This tape dates from the first period in the history of ‘Recusant’; with guitarist Titus, drummer Danny, singers Angela Carter & Sally Stone (who left to play with ‘Witchknot’) and Florian C. (from France) on bass.

Here’s a bit from the review I wrote in my zine Tilt! #8: >>Refreshing band. At-first-hear chaotic punk based on colliding rhythms (influences of ‘Dog Faced Hermans’, ‘Archbishop Kebab’, …). Playful tunes incorporating nursery rhymes and folky bits, with use of unusual instruments (melodica, synths, flute, accordeon, …). Live (Vort’n Vis 94-11-05) they were a feast for the eye and the ear. The female singers have a broad range of vocal capabilities; Angela also expresses a lot with her face and her body, making it almost a theatrical piece.<<