Recusant (UK) tape (1994)


Recusant - HeadacheThese are the tracks of ‘Recusant’ on this split-tape with ‘Headache

Recusant tracks(Listen!)

I believe this was a gift when I was trying to find ‘Recusant (residing in Bradford) a few gigs. Florian & Angela stayed in Dunkerque (at Karl Penando & Agnes’ place) so they came over to the V.V. in Ypres from time to time. This tape dates from the first period in the history of ‘Recusant’; with guitarist Titus, drummer Danny, singers Angela Carter & Sally Stone (who left to play with ‘Witchknot’) and Florian C. (from France) on bass.

Here’s a bit from the review I wrote in my zine Tilt! #8: >>Refreshing band. At-first-hear chaotic punk based on colliding rhythms (influences of ‘Dog Faced Hermans’, ‘Archbishop Kebab’, …). Playful tunes incorporating nursery rhymes and folky bits, with use of unusual instruments (melodica, synths, flute, accordeon, …). Live (Vort’n Vis 94-11-05) they were a feast for the eye and the ear. The female singers have a broad range of vocal capabilities; Angela also expresses a lot with her face and her body, making it almost a theatrical piece.<<

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