Malva (Ger) demo (1994)


Malva coverMalva tracks(Listen!)

‘Malva’ were an emo-core band from Leverkusen with Christian Schneider (guitar), Alex(ander) Bokelmann (drums), Flo(rian) Reiss (guitar), Martino Palazzo (vocals) and Alex(ander) Jahn (bass). I think Christian probably sent me this to introduce themselves, trying to persuade me to do a gig at the Vort’n Vis. I quite liked it – review in Tilt! #8: >>Sensitive emo-core to dream away with, cry by, scream out loud or just let go. Fragile bits alternated with thriving rockery parts and angry outburts. Reminds of ‘Fingerprint’ & ‘Policy Of 3’. Music that affects people…<< – and invited them over (94-11-05); that was the start of a few gigs in Flanders the next years. As far as I know, the only track on this tape that appeared elsewhere, is Deus Ex Machina (on the Ambala 7″ compilation). Later (’96) the 7” Das Leben Ist Kein Picknick was released on Equality recs (3 new tracks).

Malva x

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