Lethal Gospel (USA) live (Aalst, Bel, 88-09-03)


Lethal Gospel live - coverLethal Gospel live - tracks

Part 1: Tom Cat Cocktail / Tin Mad Dog / Heart And Eyes / Isador / Equals Jihad / Obsidian Sun / (Route) 666 / Action Speaks (Louder Than Words) / Sergeant Bacon / Terra Peace / Insatiable / Keith’s song / Evan’s Mommie’s Arm

Part 2: Diana Cross / Cherokee People / Still In Love With You / instrumental / Ignite / Now I Wanna Be Your Dog (cover)

‘Lethal Gospel’ was perhaps not the most popular of the US punk bands that toured Europe in the 80s but they were so in Smurfpunx-land. The band played here 3 times. Mattx Bergren (guitar & vocals) and Dan Seelig (drums & vocals) each time took a different bassplayer along: Fred LaRose (87-10-11), Keith ‘Condemned’ Chatham (88-09-03) and Geoff Alman (89-10-01). Their saxophone-player, Dave ‘Papa’ Cherry, only managed to come over once (1989). Their bluesy punk’n’roll was introduced to us by Smurfpunx-founder ‘Mokka’ and their party-shows here were appreciated by many.

Personally I liked the fast hardcore thrashy bits better than the meandering blues-stretches but when they rocked, they rocked! Mattx’s lyrics and attitudes weren’t always clear (sober?) or PC but every now and then there were some brilliant ideas…

These live recordings were done by ‘Bugs’ Jan De Vriendt (Thanks for providing the original tape!), a frequent visiter of Smurfpunx (and other) gigs. In the song Cherokee People the vocals are shared with Ramsey Kanaan of ‘Political Asylum’ (who also played that day). Most songs are from their LP Equals Jihad and the 7″ Beware Of God (of which I still have copies available for those who’re interested, as well as of Now It’s Time To Party!)…

Lethal Gospel live - made byLethal Gospel live - thx

Lethal Gospel (Sorte Rose #9)photos appeared in the Danish zine Sorte Rose #9 (Jakob Nielsen)

88-08-28 Political Asylum Ramsey + Lethal Gospel Mattx (Finkel)Ramsey (‘Political Asylum’) + Mattx (‘Lethal Gospel’) sharing the stage (88-08-28 ‘ De Finkel’, Jette, Belgium – pic by Onno Hesselink?)

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