Unhinged (Bel) 1st demo (1993)


Unhinged 1st demo cover redUnhinged 1st demo tracksSide ASide B

Manu & Alain P. from the label/distro Nabate (Liège) are friends since the late 80s: they visited our Smurfpunx-concerts and I sometimes gave them a lift to other gigs (where we both did distro-stalls). In the early 90s they formed ‘Unhinged’ with Willy Nollomont (bass) & Azill Kamizol (drums), both from ‘Hiatus’; Manu did vocals and Alain played guitar. This 1st demo was recorded October ’93; the first 4 tracks were released (by Nabate & Flat Earth) on vinyl as the Resisting The Murder Of Self 7” the same year. (The 8 songs were added as bonus to the Win Our Freedom In Fire CD.) I was a big fan of their “crust-emo” immediately (from the review in Tilt! #8): >>A blast of power and anger. […] I hope they leave me this when they lock me up…<<.

Beginning of 1996 Manu left ‘Unhinged’ because singing made her throat worse and worse. She was replaced by Nat(halie) Linotte. In spring 1998 Nat, Alain & Wills toured the US with Ben (ex ‘Hiatus’) replacing Azill on drums. On tour in Spain (Oct ’98) Wills was replaced by Tomoy (‘Scraps’). After the turn of the century Manu & Wills resurfaced in ‘Twisted System’… Alain played in the rock-band ‘Two-Star Hotel’ (with Ben) and is/was active in a few non-profit organisations (Jonruelle, Casa Nicaragua, La Zone).

Unhinged 1st demo lyricsUnhinged 1st demo lyrics'

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