Refused (Swe) Operation Headfirst; demo (1993)


Refused Operation Headfirst demo cover(Listen!)

Refused lyrics

‘Refused’s singer Dennis sent me this tape as an introduction to his band because they wanted help for gigs. They were announced for a gig in Kortrijk (93-08-01; with ‘Feeding The Fire’, ‘Spawn’ & ‘Spirit Of Youth’) but I believe I didn’t see them then because there was a gig at the Vort’n Vis. In the end they didn’t whow up anyway… I had to wait until they came over to Belgium in 1994 (for the V.V. Hardcore Festival).

94-08-20 letter Dennis LynxzenOn these recordings (their second demo), the line-up was: Dennis Lyxzén (vocals), Henrik Jansson (guitar), Pär Hansson (guitar), Magnus Björklund (bass) & David Sandström (drums). The track Who Died? also ended up on the Pump The Brakes EP. Hate Breeds Hate, Where’s The Equality? and I Wish were also on the This Is The New Deal EP.

From the review I did for Tilt! #7: >>Strong and straightforward mix of hate- & posi/SE HC with a firm lick of metal. The musical references are numerous; to name a few: ‘7 Seconds’, ‘Agnostic Front’, ‘C.O.C.’, etc. Power all the way! Lyrics are political (anti-racism/-fascism) and personal (self-realisation/-confirmation). Extremely good!!!<<

Refused 1993

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