Intense Degree (UK) promo (1988)


Intense Degree logo(Listen!)

tracks: Skate-Bored / Intense Degree / All The Guys / Daydreams / Take No Chances / Future Shock / Politician / Allegiance / Bursting

In the slipstream of ‘Heresy’, Mansfield/Nottingham band ‘Intense Degree’ wrote me for gigs. This package here was sent to me as ‘promotion-material’. Their connection with Earache recs (who had distribution-deals with majors) and the fact they were marketed/hyped, by Digby Pearson, as the “new UK Thrash Gods”, caused somewhat of an aversion and I directed my attention towards bands I felt I could support more… They ended up playing in the venue we (Smurfpunx) did our shows but through another organiser (90-02-03).

The band consisted of Frank Pendlebury (drums; later in ‘Assert’), Liz Thirtle (bass), Rich ‘Dick’ Hill (vocals), Richard Collins (guitar) & Richard Cutts (guitar). The tracks were excerpts from the BBC session they did in February 1988…

Intense Degree lyrics

Intense Degree pic3

Intense Degree pic1Intense Degree pic2

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