Outsmarted (Bel) Rebuild; demo (1999)


Outsmarted cover(Listen!)

‘Outsmarted’ was the last band my mate Bart ‘Stinky’ Vanseveren played in. He’d been in ‘No Numbers’ and helped me get my band ‘Repulsives’ of the ground. He was a great musician (guitar, but also played drums) & singer, and a confident frontman (and party-animal). He taught me great deal and my life wouldn’t have been the same without him. After ‘Repulsives’ quit, he was in ‘Brain Dead’ (and perhaps some other bands that I forget now). These are most probably his last recordings and his ultimate songs; some of the most melodic and heartfelt stuff he wrote. ‘Stinky’ died in a traffic-accident in Januray 2001 (R.I.P.)…


‘Outsmarted’ started  in 1989 after the split of ‘Yuppies’ Death!’. The first line-up was with Wim Samijn (drums; ex ‘Disaster’) ‘Lompie’ Stefaan De Coninck (bass/vocals; drummer of ‘No Numbers’, ‘Repulsives’, ‘Yuppies’ Death!’, later ‘Byetail’), Jurgen Vanluchene (guitar; later ‘Pussy Juice’) and Joost Goeminne (vocals/guitar; ex ‘Yuppies’ Death!’).

In October ’89 we recorded a 7 song demo (Here Goes Nothing) at CCR studio (run by Kris Belaen); we were the very first band to record there. By the end of ’89 Joost left and he was replaced by Frederik Verstraete (singer of ‘Pussy Juice’). With that line-up we did a 15 songs  live-tape (At last) at ‘De Kloef’  (October ’90).

Shortly after that Frederik & Jurgen left and Wim & I were joined by ‘Stinky’. We did a 4 songs demo entitled Broken Minds And Used Bodies (CCR studio 1991).

Then I quit and Filip Mouton started playing bass. They recorded 5 songs for the demo Outsmarted (CCR studio Sep. ’92).

In June ’99 the band recorded this 4 songs demo at Mien’s studio (later Barefoot recordings) with Tim Gielen on bass (ex ‘Pinkie Was Right’) and ‘Stinky’ playing guitar and singing. After that I joined again (end of ’99) until the whole thing ended for all of us (early 2000).

The compilation-tape Walkin’ On The Wild Side (Spain 1993; with ‘Cry For Terror’, ‘Budellam’, ‘Foreword’, ‘Think Tank’, ‘Maximumbob’, etc.) features ‘Outsmarted’s song Locos Esteves.

Gigs I remember…  Diksmuide with ‘Inside Out’ [91-05-12] & Kortrijk, The Pits [91-03-24] (Lompie/Wim/Stinky). Roeselare 2 times – one was with ‘Gruppo Sportivo’ (Tim/Wim/Stinky). Melkrock Tielt (Wim/Stinky/Filip), De Melkweg in Tielt a couple of times, and Lauwe (Lompie/Wim/Stinky).


P.S. ‘Stinky’ has also played in ‘Spoken Silence’ with ‘Lompie’, Danny & Kris (ex ‘No Numbers’) – later with Joost Goeminne singing when Dan left – and in ‘Sons Of Emmanuel’ with ‘Lompie’ & Danny and Joeri (ex ‘Repulsives’).

Outsmarted thxOutsmarted pics
91-03-24 Outsmarted (Pits)'91-03-24 Outsmarted Stinky (Pits)‘Outsmarted’ @ De Pits, Kortrijk, 91-03-24 (courtsey of ‘Lompie’)

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