88, a csoport (Hun) promo (1989)


88 Szeged tracks(Listen!)

The band (a csoport) ’88’ from Szeged (Hungary) played a gig organised by our Smurfpunx collective (89-07-21). When I organised tours I regularly contacted the people volunteering at 2B (independent concert-place in the same street as the Effenaar) and Burgers (squatted place) in Eindhoven: Martin Voorbij (‘Scheet’, bassplayer of ‘Afflict’) and Marq Kuypers (editor of Thrashold zine). ‘Scheet’ had established a connection with HC/punk people/bands from ‘behind the Iron Curtain’ (The Berlin wall hadn’t fallen yet)… One of these bands was ‘88’ and this is the promo-tape he provided. The recordings were done live. From Tilt! #5: >>Melodic and forceful punkrock. Playful and inventive.<<

88 Szeged tour

>> This is about ‘88’ [‘88 Group’]. A Hungarian band from Szeged. They’re in The Netherlands from June 30th to Juli 27th, and after that touring Europe via Copenhagen, Berlin & Vienna (until August 10th). Since they’re staying over quite a long time, they’re trying to find as much gigs as possible. Especially during the week. If you can arrange a gig for them or know about one: let us know about it. It’s gonna be welcome of course.

By playing a lot and for not too much money, the band is hoping to be able to stay in The Netherlands long enough. For them things are quite expensive of course. They have to earn their food by playing gigs. They’re asking 300 guilders [150 euro] per show. Of course a gig for 150 guilders [75 euro] is better than nothing but you’ll understand that we don’t wanna do this too often, to keep the risk manageable. During the week things are a bit different. Give us a ring for info.

Besides the money that they need, a sleeping-place might come in handy. It seems better to me to arrange that personally because it might change from place to place. In principle we have a steady place to sleep and cook food for them here in Eindhoven. We’re taking care of amps and a drum-set. It seems better to me than having to make arrangements for every place. We’re also driving along with them through The Netherlands and accompany them to all concerts. Only a vocal amp is lacking. You need to take care of that or we can rent one for 100 guilders [50 euro]. Give us a call to let us know what suits you best.

‘88’ plays punk-rock. Not that heavy punding stuff but more of the emotional variety that kind of music used to have. Sometimes there’s also some folk-influences tob e heard. But that won’t hurt of course. Besides, it seems best to me that you write something about their Music yourselves. In the end, that’s what you get the tape for and I’m not that good at writing about things that are made to listen to.

I can also tell you that by the time they’re here, there will also be a compilation-LP featuring ‘88’. It will contain their track I Have No Name, I Have Only A Number. This LP is the second Threshold compilation-LP. It’s quite difficult to tell what their lyrics are. Their English is mediocre and my Hungarian inexistent.

The band? Zsolt Hunyadi: drums/vocals, ‘Patbany’: guitar, Zoltan Varga: bass/vocals. A trio. [Supposedly there are also demos from 1985 & ’86 with Tibor Kocsis (bass/vocals), Gyula Nagy (drums/guitar), János Tátrai (guitar/bass) & Zoltán Zemkó (vocals/drums)] A show is about 50 minutes but that’s not fixed. They can play longer if you want them to.

What else to say about the band. It seems better to me that I leave to this for now. I’ld like to ask you all to contact me as soon as you can. To let me know if a gig can take place or not. At least then I know what to wait for.

‘Scheet’ [Martin Voorbij, ‘Afflict’ bassist] <<

88 Szeged lyric

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