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Petrograd (Lux) promo (1997)


Petrograd (ABC benefit) (-)


What About Me? / Missing Jigsaw Piece / Ernesto / Just An Animal / 1+1=11 / Mellow / Al Andaluz

‘Petrograd’ played uplifting, melodic HC (“flowerpunk”) with dual female/male vocals singing political lyrics. Their music made me think of ‘Quarantine’, others referred to ‘Sofa Head’ or the ‘Joyce McKinney Experience’. They also covered ‘Cringer’… People in the band have been in ‘Subway Arts’, ‘No More’ and ‘Bakunin’s Children’. They started in October ’96. The line-up changed quite a few times. Steve ‘Diff’ Differding (vocals, guitar) & Simone Winandy (vocals; Diff’s partner at that time – during the early 90s they did PeaCy recs together…); the latter was replaced by Nathalie Wagner in ’99. Frank Villanueva (bass; later Björn Kolbeinsson R.I.P.), Thierry Thill (drums; after Gilbert; Franz – ex ‘Revenge’ – since 2002), etc.

‘Diff’ did ‘Petrograd’s 1st release (split-10” with ‘Soul Season’) in 1996/97 on his label Skank recs. That was followed by a split-LP with ‘Active Minds’ (Skank recs & Sacro K-Baalismo, in 1998) – with ‘Diff’ (guitar/vocals), Frank (bass), Gilbert (drums), Claude (guitar) & Simone (vocals) – and 2 split-7”s (with ‘Freak Show’ and with ‘Kontra La Paré’). In ’99 the LP entitled Isabelle came out, aswell as a split-7” with ‘Elektrolochmann’ and the Another Happy Tale 7” (with Björn on bass, Thierry Thill (ex ‘D’Rotzbouwen’) drums, David & ‘Diff’ on guitar, with the latter singing. The benefit-LP they did for the Anarchist Black Cross Innsbruck in 2000 was co-released by Active Distribution, Maloka, Stonehenge recs, Ya Basta! recs and a few others. On this record the band was Thierry, Björn, David, Nathalie & ‘Diff’. Etc. etc.


‘Petrograd’ on tour in the Czech Republic (2002)

Certitude (Swi) Blind Acceptance Results In Blind Obedience; demo (1999)


Certitude cover

Certitude tracksSide ASide B

This tape was sent to me by the band’s vocalist Mike Kessler (who used to be in ‘Crooked Cops’). The others were Jonny (guitar), Martin (bass) & Dak (drums). The music was described as “old-school hardcore-punk, the way it should be: simple, aggressive & political”. Mike was an activist in the Luzerner scene. He also ran Sparetime Activities (publishing mini-zines & comics), a music-label called Dead Fly/Audiophil recs (compilation-tapes and his own electronic stuff under the name of ‘zero 8 alpha’) and distributed printed material (Stop!-Publicity).

Certitude lyrics 1Certitude lyrics 2Certitude lyrics 3Certitude lyrics 4

Fight Da Suckas (Fra) demo (1995)


Fight Da Suckas cover(Listen!)

Manue Stitou from Le Mans sent me this tape of her friends’ band. They were an emo post-pop hardcore combo – got compared to ‘Fugazi’ or described as Washington DC style by times. The musicians were Rodrigue Montebran (bass/vocals), Guillaume Mowgly (drums/vocals), Dimitri Lamoureux (guitar/vocals; later in the indie rock band ‘Powell’). On their 7″ – OC-PO-GO, released on Sylvain Vilette’s label Bad Card recs (’96) – Denis joined on second guitar. From the review in Tilt! #8: >>Slow to mid-tempo but still thriving emo-rock with a few nifty hooks and jazzy breaks.<<

‘Fight Da Suckas’ live en 1997

Fight Da Suckas lyric1Fight Da Suckas lyric2