Rough Justice (Bel) Pink Elephants In Yellow Trees; demo (1988)


Rough Justice + tape cover

Rough Justice k7Side ASide B

During the Smurfpunx days (late 80s) there was a metal-pub in Aalst (de Kiët) where sometimes HC bands played. It was ran by Veerle Taeleman. Her brother was the singer of ‘Rough Justice’, a metal-influenced HC/thrash band. They played for our collective on 88-04-29. They also visited the shows. Besides vocalist Koen Taeleman, there was guitarist Piet Marcoen, bassist Manu Cambier & drummer Joost Vandenbroeck.

From the review in Tilt! #4: >>These “idiots from Aalst” (not my words) have brains in their heads. The play standard speedmetal but they’re interested in the thoughts behind hardcore. Not over-original but decent lyrics. Good recordings.<<

Anyone who wants to see some old recordings (live @ de Kiët Aalst 1988): there’s some links in one of the comments on their Smurfpunx show…

Rough Justice + booklet introRough Justice + booklet coverRough Justice aRough Justice bRough Justice cRough Justice dRough Justice eRough Justice fRough Justice gRough Justice hRough Justice + booklet outro

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